How влюбить in itself a male Lion?

How влюбить in itself a male Lion?

About men say that they adore eyes, are always ready to promote another and to give a practical advice in a difficult situation. In a male Lion these properties are expressed doubly. There is a question: what to multiply in itself to the lady which man is born under this zodiac sign?

Lion: втюрился – it was not pleasant, did not fall in love any more.
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With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: The ordinary male Lion at the first acquaintance makes reminiscence open, generous, friendly, good, assured in itself and the person full of with the advantage. He does not love a boredom.

That man likes to be a winner in all spheres of own life. For it essentially that him respected and admired of The more the better. At a choice of own lady, for it also can play a role that people around say about it. Whether they admire it? Whether they idolize her?

The male Lion understands another’s dilemmas much better, than in the own. It is always ready to promote council or to give vzay means. But does not suffer councils and the help from others if he does not ask it. The best that in a condition to make other person on the relation to the Lion (on his view), it to admire it and to adore its such what it is. The it is more that the male Lion is sure: it has no defects!

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Note: The man who likes to be on a pedestal, finds the lady who is capable to resist near it. But it is necessary to hold in the head that invariable admiration gives rise to a fog and inability soberly to estimate reality. In hands of the lady ability to choose: when it is necessary to admire the man and when to show it, what not all horizons are still reached.

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: In a sample male Lev’s lady – the queen. Unapproachable and passionate, it is allocated in the middle of crowd with a regal bearing, fine shapes of a body, an ukhozhennost and aristocratic manners. It is clever and эрудирована. It has a provided inner world, and ideas are original and are not beaten. She is able to resist to public stereotypes and at all this it admire, her idolize.

In own companion the male Lion will appreciate honesty, openness, kindness and tenderness. For it also essentially that at a height of own nature, it was with comfort: is skillful to equip a life and to run monetary business.

Note: The male Lion finds the female personality, but to it essentially that she was capable to obey to it and to recognize in all his predominating situation. Phenomenon, isn’t that so? The lady in the relations with the man should solve a difficult problem. But specifically such problems also do our life more interesting, unless not so?

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: As well as for though what man, to the Lion essentially that love the lady supported it, divided looks, was not jealous and it was always ready to answer a question: than was engaged, where was also what thoughts at it in the head now?

The male Lion does not love criticism and discontent, and subjects there are more fluctuations in its force or dramatic character over its possibilities. Communicating with the man, vobshchy as well as with though what other person, for the lady essentially to learn not to suppress the of discontent, and to state them tactfully and not emotionally when it truly is necessary. From the first, naturally, hardly at someone it leaves, but the desire and search by all means will lead to the suitable decision.

Say that the male Lion is so jealous that the lady who is near it, should say goodbye to own career, and itself to intend to absolutely own spouse, a family and a life. But at all this astronomers advise to it not to be transformed to the housewife: the lady should not forget about own exterior and enrichment of own inner world. Its development provokes the man not to lose the hunting abilities. What it is left without them?

Note: How to become that lady, whose attention the spouse wishes to win and at all this to devote itself to a family and the house? Perhaps, for this purpose the lady needs to find the matter in life. Let it will be small and they can be engaged in house qualities, but it should bring satisfaction and pleasure. To give rise in it to life.

If the person has no own life, it is doomed to take away it from others. It can be shown in never-ending discontent, criticism and terrible instructions to members of household: after all ladies have a great lot of free time to say that they do not and properly correctly" to do. But if there is the business, to time for such heresy does not remain. When it is occupied itself, become for some reason or other very necessary and fascinating another.

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