Behavior rules: how not to frighten off the man?

Behavior rules: how not to frighten off the man?

The 1st rule necessary, but not sufficient for creation of the severe relations, speaks: never push the man to acceptance of duties, do not go on an advancing, telling, that you expect from the relations and your elect. If you cope with this task, other councils from Sherrri Argov (the founder of the blockbuster «The stinker marries») will promote you to build harmonious affairs.

The man pay the attention to small aspects. The lady can consider the behavior natural, and the man – completely unacceptable. Amusing and plausible cases quite often meet in favourite TV series. For example, she without the invitation lodged the toothbrush in its bathroom, or it to a meeting gave it a half-case for clothes, and it, meeting it half a year, continued to hang up its clothes on a stool in a hall. Sadly.

In the 1st time, meeting relatives or friends, do not represent them own man as partner or the boy friend. So you try to give the status to your relations while your problem – to hide the zaintrigovannost. Affairs can be strengthened only voluntary and on its initiative.

Remember that the man – the hunter, on the last measure, considers itself as the hunter. When you look at it enamoured eyes as Pronya Prokopovna on Golokhvastov, he starts to feel as a defenseless lamb. The romantic behavior of the lady deprives the man of head pleasure – to achieve reciprocity. Reflect, what nainteresneyshy in the lady who is beforehand ready to execute though what his desire?

In conversation use rather short offers. Never bother with discussions about own stately love and a silly twitter which selects its working time «Hello, darling. We back left hour, and I already at random started missing. I can not wait the subsequent meeting. Than you are occupied? And over what you at present thought? I povsevremenno re-read your SMS-ki». What after all to it to do, if on it the platoon of plush tanks moves? Natural reaction – to run away at least for a while.

Do not grant to the man the photos in a frame. That gift should stand here and there and always catches sight. It looks, as attempt to stake out a place in its heart, the house or an office. Observe a neutrality if it stores a photo of the former girlfriends or the spouse. Even after he will suggest you to move to it, do not hurry to put in order its personal memoirs.

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Do not ask him on a family and do not acquaint it with the relatives while precisely do not make sure that the guy has severe intentions. You do not wish, that his mother wore out you calls, dictating recipes of his beloved of dishes, or your grandmother said to it that you – the main house jewelry, and was interested in engagement date.

Do not hurry up to jump to it a bed. Do not unscrew topsy-turvy the soul. Do not trust in it entirely and absolutely. Discussions about languid personal experience, ex-boyfriends, children’s traumas and diseases leave for girlfriends. Do not frighten off the man неуввязками which have to it no business.

Behavior rules: how not to frighten off the man?

Do not use the words "we", "our", "us", «it is destiny», "soulmate", «god sent you to me». If you like such words, wait while he will say them. Though what mention about "we" is told it about infringement of it by "me". Do not frighten off it before time.

Do not ask from it absolute trust. The box with an inscription is stored in his soul «Not your business», and there was it there earlier, than you. Do not imagine that you can realize and forgive everything. Do not tell that feed bloodless doggies, help orphanage and unhealthy old men.

Do not try to equip its apartment, to do shift even if at it everything is placed incorrectly, and to introduce other feng shui. You should not a meeting begin to direct orders, to wash the floors and make a dinner. Voobshchem, the more awfully at it in the apartment, the cozier will seem to it your housing.

Do not buy to the man of a thing which the spouse – linen for a bed should take, a towel, do not do expensive gifts is too can compel to reflect and reveal it your plans.

If it presents you to friends as the girlfriend, it is not necessary to jump with joy. Have with astonishment a look at it and ask again «You so you consider?».

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