How kisses influence health of the person?

How kisses influence health of the person?

Many adore to be kissed, as they like process, and still kisses help during a depression and to lift self-image. Certain – in the main thing of the man – cannot bear kisses, but of them not to get out, the it is more near the temperamental lady. And what personally you understand about kisses and about their impact on a human body?

Here facts:

1. When you kiss, to blood there is an emission of hormones of happiness – эндорфинов, which держут under control a stress, a depression and pleasure.

2. Kisses speed up pulse that well affects cardiovascular system.

3. Kisses protect from caries because the plentiful quantity of a saliva during this process contains a large quantity of phosphorus suitable for tooth enamel and calcium.

4. When you kiss, muscles of the person are involved in this process – such makary, you get rid of wrinkles and rescue youth.

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5. At all this you exchange microbes with the partner and strengthen immunity.

6. Kisses, whatever one may do, conduct to sex because there is an active development of sexual hormones.

7. The romantic and long kiss сутра as early as possible will set to you mood for all day and will give mass of positive feelings.

8. The Danish scientists convince that those pairs which once a day and it is long are kissed, live for 5 years longer those who does not give the friend the friend of appropriate attention.

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