How not to become the male manipulator victim?

How not to become the male manipulator victim?

Men drive ladies up the wall to realize, as they держут under control a situation. Simply inspect, how it is far possible to come with this lady? She is truly ready to forgive everything? What it is possible to allow for itself? Remembers behavior of the whimsical kid which provokes mother, only to draw attention. In fact the wisest strategist studies reaction. Suddenly there will be an impudent lady who will manage to put its place.

It is considered that the man arrives pertinently and thinks directly, and the lady and common sense are incompatible. Nevertheless, the behavior of the man hard is frequent to explain from a logic position. As, studying the lady, it absolutely meaningly irritates it. (A separate case – the pikaper scooping knowledge from management on training of dogs, but we do not consider it.) Leads up excessively and it is charmed by reaction. What to say about guys if, happens, house by sight the person comes home not in the spirit of – and rushed off: why soup on three degrees is hotter, who cut carrot with cubes, instead of straws, in whom this child of that stupid on whom toilet paper came to the end … Will make cry and it will be unhooked, as a full bloodsucker. And to a meeting it is clear, who in the house the owner.

To whom it is profitable?

Think, it at it from nervishka? The chief offends, subordinates do not adore? Let’s regret, it was wrong? If … It only the lady does not contemplate sense in purposely to drive the person up the wall. Well for pleasure in a muchitelstvo? The ordinary man knows: depriving the lady of peace of mind, rest or quite good mood, it is possible to win the whole heap of beautiful prizes. He receives an attention maximum, control over a situation and feeling of the importance.

Even in an unbalanced tandem "guy girl" is led check of sensual buttons. The young man can not call, knowing that you expect a call. Can flirt with other ladies to spite. Not to listen to the end of your story, having interrupted stop short: «Everything while, I am occupied». To tell details about the former girlfriends. It is disrespectful to respond about women as a whole. If in common work, can chilly greet, and all. Be nervous now, be lost in hypotheses. Methods to spoil mood there is a weight. It becomes specially to look reaction. If the lady does not keep control of the emotions, read novels and is executed expectations, to offend it it is simpler ordinary. Periodically unaccountable gets the best, and the lady tries to return harmony a candlestick on a head, small crumbles pair of services and cries delightfully. It spends nervishka, and he receives an ublazheniye, a sensual hook and a verdict – the hysteric woman. With that nervichesky lady there can not be severe relations.

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That does he wish to reach?

If the lady leaves itself (has no value as it is concrete – loudly quarrels or a molchok suffers), means it simply to manipulate. That lady is simple for operating. To hold it it is easy: it is necessary to remove periodically it from a sensual hook, let will be glad that everything at you is excellent, but is short. Whether there is a method to keep control of the emotions? There is nothing more simply if the lady contemplates another’s game and reads intentions of the man. Not to worry, it is necessary not to worry. As in fight: to fall down the opponent, it is necessary to deprive of it balance. The rule ordinary, is not present in it the chess analysis and military strategy. Having distinguished the manipulator and its purpose, react correctly. It will regard your behavior as a force sign. Further two options: it will cowardly be washed away or recognizes the equal workmate and your affairs will pass to new level.

How to react?

The best reaction to checks which the man arranges, – complete control over itself. That it not seemed to you that with you play foul, know: hassle has the prime target and proceeding from belief of young men is justified. It inspects the lady to find out, how she will move herself in a difficult situation when will absolutely fly into a rage. Or in an unsafe situation for life – whether will keep a rope when it will break from the mountain. Whether you will consult with actual difficulties or will ache, how small? Generally, it catches you with good intentions, and you should avoid punctures. In this hitretsky game any more has no value that the man forgot to call or get a gift. Reaction of the lady has value only.

Border between that check and disrespect the very narrow. Check is a temporary phenomenon. One business to be late or cancel appointment and absolutely another – not to call back and an abyss on a quantity of days without an explanation. One business – not to pay attention because of slackness and another is perfect – invariable ignoring. Flirtation, that поддразнить, and chronic advances with other ladies. the 1st is the check, the 2nd – disrespect. Disrespect does not share on bolshushchy and small. Disrespect is a denial not bad characteristics in the person. Feeling that you forgive to a trifle, the man will enter all further and further. The loved rake of the enamoured lady – to forgive beastliness which in senses do not forgive. But she assures herself that the victim will estimate, and allows it is more … When such affairs will end, the lady will not transfer itself for humiliations and feeling of inferiority. Therefore always it is necessary to try to realize that specifically occurs in your life, and to react properly. Not only only word, well and business. To behave as the equal and clever partner. It can learn, the it is more that basic buttons a little: to compel to be jealous, keep away, operate to spite and to evade from obligations.

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