What потаенны are stored in itself by a body of the man?

What потаенны are stored in itself by a body of the man?

Ladies is a riddle. But the truth and that many ladies dream to learn to consider young men, or at least to guess that is created at them in the head more often. It is unreal, if any moments of physiology of the man remain without ladies’ attention and understanding.

For the aid to all wishing to understand secrets of a body of the man – the last results of researches better. Scientists persistently and purposely decipher all new and new actually basic потаенны a man’s organism. As a result – noteworthy, a little shocking facts about men and how they are arranged.


It not simply sticky mix which contains spermatozoa (DNA – the bearing sections impregnating a female ovum). Sperm is a substance combining in without considering spermatozoa unusual liquid, made by the additional glands surrounding a penis. This liquid comprises fructose, molecules простагландинов (fat acids, and proteins which feed spermatozoa and help them to float). The additional waters allocated from a prostate, serve for neutralization of the sour environment of a vagina, also act as greasing of a head of a penis at commission of sexual intercourse. At certain ladies the allergy to sperm which is shown by an itch, burning and hypostasis of genitals is observed. Researchers did not become puzzled and offered fascinating version of the probable solution of difficulty: frequent sex.

Next brain

Certain man’s reflexes and involuntary movements a muscle are perfectly known. But in a man’s organism also there are the muscles which have been wrapped up round semennik. They are called as kremaster. Specifically they in the answer for pulling of small eggs of the man are closer to a body if it becomes cold, or when the man in wild spirits. Just as the knee answers blow with a hammer, the kremaster a reflex gets the idea, when an internal part of a foot of the man stroke. It in one stage draws eggs up in the direction to a body.

Last flesh

The last flesh – a part of a penis which clean during trimming. It represents a double layer of a mucous membrane and skin which are clasped by the member when it is weakened. Till this moment disputes on functions of the last flesh are conducted. The global organization of health care (WHO) argues that not cut off men have bigger risk of infection of HIV. Researches proved that trimming for 60 % lowers at young men risk of the HIV infection, being transferred a sexual method.

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By the nature own the body of the man is not calculated on milk creation. But under certain circumstances the lactation can occur. To milk emergence at young men can lead: mechanical stimulation, hormonal therapy at different dilemmas with health, the last extent of hunger. This phenomenon should not be confused to a ginekomastiya, an illness which represents increase of a breast of the man because of a hormonal imbalance in testosterone and estrogen levels. Also man’s lactation can seem, if tranquilizers break functions гипоталамуса – areas of a brain which operates a hypophysis and is a source пролактина.

The point of G

So quite often call a prostate gland. Takes place round a bladder and urethra neck, in size with a walnut nutlet, and it can be felt and made active via the zadneprokhodny channel.

Features of cleaning of teeth

Sudden opening was executed by parodontologiya Academy. At young men the inflammation from diseases of gums can be connected with heart diseases, revmatoidny arthritis and diabetes. Other researches showed probable communication of boundaries acquired by an illness of gums at young men and erektilny not functionality. The research which has been carried out in Taiwan, showed that men with erektilny not functionality, had the acquired periodontitis, than a case the elected representatives of control group more often.

So lovely ladies, let not everything, but at least "man’s secrets" slightly opened a part to you I Wish. Study own beloved, catch their mood and be happy.

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