Scientists found lechushchy means from mans changes

Scientists found lechushchy means from mans changes

The German scientists promised to ladies that will create lechushchy means from a man’s poligamnost soon. At all so long ago specialists from Bonn institute opened additional characteristics of a hormone of oxytocin which help out young men from changes.

In experience of scientists accepted a role of 86 heterosexual young men which middle age made 25 years. Volunteers divided into two groups – one in the form of spray for a nose entered oxytocin, another – плацебо.

Later specialists "organized" to men of ladies who tried to tempt participants of experience. And when representatives of the 2nd group flirted with ladies with might and main, men from the first group tried to keep from ladies far away, even those from them who was not married. At conversation with the lady of the man with oxytocin did not admit to for itself ladies closer, than on 75 cm while men with плацебо allowed them to for themselves at least on 50 see.

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It is sensitive later to volunteers were photos with fine ladies, also pictures with murders and fears are shown. At their viewing of the man with oxytocin reacted to all photos actually idiyentichno while representatives of the 2nd group were charmed by smart pictures of ladies.

The managing director of research Rehn Harlemann notes that now scientists will try to find true lechushchy means from changes on base hormonic trust – oxytocin.

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