5 unusual methods to make a declaration of love to the man

5 unusual methods to make a declaration of love to the man

There is the 3rd words "I you love" completely enough to express to own 2nd half the feelings and emotions. But frequent to "season" the recognition hunting with something unusual. We suggest you some fascinating methods to tell sacred words to own beloved.

Video recognition

Choose the finest photos on which you are at random happy and make from their video slider. Perhaps, it is necessary to find in the middle of acquaintances or relatives of the specialist which will help you with the this case. Procedure not from difficult, and, having learned time, you can create romantic video files from joint different holidays and trips later.

The letter in an envelope

We became "hostages" of modern ways of communication: эл. mail, SMS, social nets – that absolutely kills romanticism and sentimentality of your actions. Send it the letter. So simply, simply, but at the same time it is very touching. By all means pick up an ordinary spotless envelope – without inscriptions, pictures and ornaments. Leave the letter in its car, in a visible place, or a jacket pocket – it will be surely pleasantly surprised with that find.

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Prints on a T-shirt

If at your 2nd half everything is all right with sense of humour, then it by all means estimates this method. On a monotonous T-shirt, without prints and ornaments, print the declaration of love, by all means using his name. To make it it is possible in though for what printing house. Service available and, usually, takes 1-2 days. A T-shirt, naturally to carry to you, but for it it is twice more pleasant. In forthcoming remember it more often: carry on the house, put on your joint city walks or on meetings with friends.

Culinary recognition

The tasty food and bad wine yet did not bring any lady. After all the way to a heart of the man as it is clear, lies through a stomach. Prepare its favourite dish and a dessert in what there will be your surprise. Make (or buy) cookies or biscuits and inside аккуратненько enclose a note with your recognition. Do not put paper a small envelope that your beloved inadvertently did not eat in the most usual way your message.

Love rebus

If in your guy the spirit of adventurism did not run low yet, arrange for it the small, but an interesting adventure. Appoint appointment in one of the loved restaurants, or in city park where so like to walk together, or even on a house roof, if, naturally, weather disposes to it. Accurate own coordinates do not call and beforehand warn the beloved that it is expected by a pleasant surprise, but, to reach it, he needs to solve some your puzzles and to find by the way of the help, left you. Similar recognition will claim from you for many efforts and an imagination maximum, but that will not make for this purpose to amaze own beloved!

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