Mans sperm influences ladies character

Mans sperm influences ladies character

English scientists again excite reasons – now in the course of 1 more research they learned that man’s sperm even very much influences temper of ladies.

All the matter is that seed liquid has influence not only only on a female fertilnost, well and on behavior of the mistress and her flavoring addictions. And it everything plus to that the lady and receives from that sperm of the man gets to her body so much – at it is improved mood, it is charmed by the deserved hormones of happiness, there is a skin rejuvenation etc.

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Scientists made experiments on insects, and is direct on front sights drosophilas. But specialists are convinced that all data found by them are applicable also to animals and people.

According to them, man’s sperm influences both satisfaction of the lady life as a whole, and on its immunity, a fertilnost, flavoring perceptions, a dream and a libido, at all this all this at the expense of activation of various genes. One only the protein being in seed water, is capable to generate the largest and various reaction of genes of a ladies’ organism. And it, in turn, influences a large quantity of other genes which take place in various parts of a ladies’ organism. Here therefore scientists counted protein as the main regulator.

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