Top of 10 characteristics on which the man chooses for itself the spouse

Top of 10 characteristics on which the man chooses for itself the spouse

The conducting English professional in branch of sex and the relations Tracey Cox who having the academic degree and has issued 14 books, is convinced that ladies in vain spend time, trying to reach that is necessary for the man, on their view.

At first it concerns sex appeal. Tracey refers to these several research works, including and experiences of "prompt appointments" which showed that sensual communication for the man essentially more important than the sexy.

"Suppressing the most part of ladies has absolutely incorrect idea that is necessary for the man, – Tracey Cox says. – They consider that the stronger sex appreciates in women youth, external shape, confidence in itself, reason and a perfect body. Actually, if to make 10-ku ladies’ characteristics which entice young men, above-mentioned there will not get at all".

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But what after all will enter into this 10-ku? On Tracey’s view, it is "likeableness" (instead of sex appeal), kindness, ability to listen, ability to have to for itself and to cause trust, to laugh at man’s jokes. If the man chooses for itself the lady for the long relations, to it essentially that she allowed to strive about for herself, happened weak and dependent, instead of strong and independent.

Where above a magnificent bust and longish feet the stronger sex puts quite good temper, culinary abilities and parent heat of the lady. "All these superdiets, rigid sports modes, peelings and design clothes one will give the chance to you only – quite often to wear out young men in a bed for one night, – Tracey Cox is convinced. – But as the invariable mistress or the spouse the man will not consider you. Near you he should feel as the lord, instead of the servant".

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