Why men choose silly ladies?

Why men choose silly ladies?

How quite often you had to hear stories what the man in the middle of a huge number of pretenders chose the most foolish and, on the 1st look, such near lady? Clear heads beauties do not know, why a choice of young men not in their advantage and that serves as the precondition of sympathy for silly fellows. The western website allwomenstalk carried out research in the matter and found a number of answers.

Reflecting over this subject, the situation to which one of the main heroines of a popular TV series "Sex and the city" got is remembered. On blind appointments to men, she said that works as the lawyer in the big company, and each her elect was released from the subsequent meetings. Later she decided to go a deception method, and began to say that works as the stewardess. On the horizon to a meeting there was a worthy candidate …

As men admit, in silly fellows they like ease and carelessness that intellectuals are often deprived. What else lines of temper of the lady draw the stronger sex – we read further.

Look of the maiden which gives to it a signal about availability and ease in the relations. After all the man surely wishes to seem strong and courageous, and near that lady it is possible to it even easier and more quickly. It does not mean that it agrees sex at the first meeting, she tries to tell that does not need long courtings and serenades under the windows. "To anything to break the head over difficult rebuses when it is possible to simplify for itself a problem, after all a result we will be similar" – in the main thing those men who are very occupied with own career and business so consider.

Outlook of the clever lady: the easy mark will promptly bore.

Periodically specifically ease also does not suffice to the man in the relations with own darling.

The 2nd reason is similar to the first. The lady and forces is ready to intend all the time to the relations with the man, without caring of career, spiritual growth and personal development. The lady never will begin to complain about slackness and difficulties on work, does not happen irritable and closed, command tone and imperative behavior are not inherent in it. Her man – the center of its Universe, and all that it wishes to do is to strive on its comfort and comfort, to grant it pleasure and positive emotions.

Conclusion of the clever lady: the "comfortable" lady will promptly bore.

For the man the comfort and rest have bolshushchy value, and the "comfortable" darling completely probably will appear specifically that who to it it is necessary in life.

The lady lets out naivety and defenselessness. She believes to each word which starts with lips of her man because it is sure that it is not capable of heresy and treachery. It needs its attention and guardianship, and each its action is ready to accept, as a big act. The man loves, when to it trust and do not strike to doubt of his word and acts. He feels as the knight, without showing special nobility and bravery. It truly to pain simply and very pleasantly.

Outlook of the clever lady: absence of own representation at the lady will promptly bore.

That lady has one own outlook: her man – the best, and always, in everything is right. To the man can such bore never.

Usually, girls silly fellows are more optimistical, and povsevremenno are in quite good mood. Men like its carelessness, a sincere grin and a booming laughter. It is not burdened with "heavy" ideas and thoughts. She believes and contemplates only not bad and light round itself and bears the net energy in the house and a family.

Outlook of the clever lady: it is impossible to look at life through pink glasses.

And certain men not against. Modern maidens so from time to time smile. Having hung the head, run for work, thinking of affairs and working problems. The laughter and satisfaction is, there can be what does not suffice to the man after difficult labor day.

The silly lady completely is in material and sensual dependence on own man. After all to be pleasant to it the full power, control over own lady. It does not need the darling who is cleverer and more successful than it. He likes to make decisions without the aid of others and asks unconditional obedience from own companion.

Outlook of the clever lady: periodically the lady should concede, but periodically and to be able to defend itself

That man has a little other outlook in this respect: the lady can defend the point of view on work, in a circle of girlfriends, but at home should be able to submit to the man.

Well after all, it is possible to tell that the lady, being in the relations with the man, should not go into extremes. To fascinating and clever ladies, maybe, will not prevent to be periodically trustful and silly, only to do it not povsevremenno, but only in certain situations. It is periodically useful to be able to behave in hands, and to try more often to give the chance to be to own man courageous and strong.

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