How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Ryby?

How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Ryby?

Closes our cycle article – a symbol of Fish. It as if puts end and incorporates properties of other symbols of a zodiac circle. In Fishes the idealism and the picturesque inspiration, inherent in Fire signs united love to disputes and the conversations, respective Air signs, enthusiasm to the nature, corresponding to Earth signs. But at all this, having absorbed in itself properties of these symbols and elements, Fishes remain by itself. Personal line, is inherent in this sign, – ability to consider from the party and to create to a meeting yesterday, now and tomorrow.

Fishes: втюрился, threw, regretted.
Comic horoscope

With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: It is considered that ordinary representatives of this sign – dreamers and quite often go woolgathering, is far from real life and the material world. Certain say that it is simple to this sign to inspire any idea, but thanks to perfectly developed intuition, Fishes can distinguish falsity from sincerity and create the real intentions of other people. Yes, muzhchiny Ryby – sensual natures and at decision-making can rely on the feelings, but not запамятовывайте that we speak about a strong half of the population of the earth, and men are pragmatic and are guided by those knowledge which have thanks to the saved-up actual experience.

There is an outlook that Fishes do not pursue means and recognition. But it does not mean that they do not wish rich life. Simply they have no desire to achieve it, and from beauty of dolce vita they, naturally, would not refuse.

Note: Men of this sign are compassionate, plaintive, romantic, but do not adore to show the feelings on public. They aspire to promote people around because of what can make some mistakes: to spend the forces to the aid of those who in fact does not need their help, and later to wait that someone another will help also him.

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: Muzhchinu Ryby the lady mysterious, drawing, sympathetic, excellent and, naturally, in a parent way the zealous can intrigue.

In a sample his companion loves the whole world and hardly calls someone "fool", most likely, will try to realize this person. His lady philosophically approaches to life, has the outlook, sobriety in judgments and at the same time the enthusiasm to esoteric knowledge is not alien to it.

As well as though what person, muzhchina Ryby, wishes respect and understanding from close people. Therefore, maybe, will choose the lady who understands that the man also can be vulnerable, as well as she. She is able not to take offense, when it is angry or indifferent, will try to realize, ask it questions, to hear, about what it says, and it is periodically simple to depart aside, let’s to Fishes stay alone with itself. Sounds perfectly and truly, but for us, I will give, in kind impulsive and allocated with speed of reaction, it probably will appear difficult a task.

Note: And though often to Fishes recommend, for the sake of a furor merit in life, to ignore own dreams and to keep control of flights of own imagination, can, the person who will train them is only necessary to them not to leave the dreams, and to create, as them to realize in life.

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: For muzhchiny Ryby essentially that the lady said with it, was interested in his mood, but did not climb in soul.

As well as for though what man, to Fishes the companion near whom he feels itself(himself) as the real man is basic: it is open with it and is honest. She does not hide from it the mood, and it can console it, give advice, give the help idea, promote to behold the world on another. On the 1st look, apparently, that everything depends only on the man. But for a start the lady needs to learn to listen and hear, about what he to it says.

Note: A symbol of Fish as any another, needs loneliness and long rest because many things perceives close to a heart.

Founder: Tatyana Petropolskaya

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