How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Vodoleya?

How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Vodoleya?

The era of Aquarius in which runs across the earth population, is allocated with usual lines of this sign. Aquariuses aspire to unity and mutual respect, they find cooperation ways together and learn, how it is possible to settle the conflict, without having lost the relations.

Search of comfort of communications for Aquarius passes through a freedom of action and ability to agree. Therefore the ordinary mature man of this sign finds the lady who is able to state the thoughts, has own outlook, independent, what, like it, loves freedom.

Aquarius: it is long chose, chose – втюрился.
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With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: For muzhchiny Vodoleya essentially to learn the world. It is drawn by all new, novel, unsolved. Trying to learn the truth, it goes to own purpose is weakened, without haste and vanity.

The main property for Aquarius – communication. Discussions on global subjects, meetings with people, visit of different actions is its communication with the external world. It has enough friends, but it is a lot of acquaintances. At all this socially active Aquarius loves a privacy and never will open completely to the first comer. If you try «to get to it into soul», he will consider it as a tactless and trite act.

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Muzhchina Vodoley simply states the outlook about people around, but at all this does not impose it and with readiness can listen that reflect on it. Mature Aquarius gives a freedom of choice and for itself, and to people surrounding it, than can dumbfound the person who did not get used to act freely.

Note: With Aquarius it is necessary to be able to agree. This air symbol does not love a framework and restrictions. It badly reacts to requirements and indicating tone. But if you find with it common language and will make the contract which will be comfortable both to you, and it, Aquarius will execute everything precisely and in time.

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: Ordinary Aquarius – the rebel in soul therefore he will look for the lady well matched for itself(himself). Tu which possesses the view, and is able to defend it.

Its standard – the Lady who povsevremenno will be improved, trained in the newcomer, changes and at all this is sensually steady and counterbalanced. It is tactful, patient and completely is not jealous. Perfectly, if it is still easy and воздушна, has the developed imagination and extraordinary looks on life, is able to look after the body and the house.

If to the Lion to become interested in the lady, admiration of people around it suffices, Aquarius will never rely on outlook of others. He should study you, observe, as you react in various situations, to find out about motives of your behavior and to state all the assessment. And if it made about you own outlook, any bad gossips it I do not influence any more.

Note: This symbol will apprehend the decision to make seven only when it will have an enthusiasm to marriage, as to something unknown. The lady can support this enthusiasm, only if for her the marriage is not an ultimate goal, and the beginning of the most interesting way.

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: For muzhchiny Vodoleya essentially that its freedom was not limited. Naturally, make it the lady can, which itself is free and independent, has the hobbies and enthusiasm to life.

Stars say that ordinary Aquarius never lies. Therefore does not realize, when to it do not trust. From a family he expects support and enthusiasm to the hobbies and life. As well as for though what man, to it essentially that after a marriage did not break his developed lifestyle, did not limit in movement and communication, did not connect requirements. Finding with it common language and honest giving muzhchine Vodoleyu freedom, in exchange you receive its respect and love.

Aquariuses excellent fathers – they promptly find common language with children. And those, in turn, understand that only with the father it is possible to have a talk on subjects in what other adults do not contemplate any sense.

Note: Though means are not a subject of actual aspirations of Aquarius, they treat finance carefully. Ordinary Aquarius most likely will enclose large sums not in material things, and in any nainteresneyshy idea. For example, a jump from a stratosphere, creation something new or travel.

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