Twin male: how влюбить it in itself?

Twin male: how влюбить it in itself?

Arguing on how влюбить in ourselves the man, we rely on outlook of astronomers. But the source of what the person really is, is in him. After all without considering an astrological reality of our temper though what of us develops in various families, lives personal personal experience and during all life changes the relation to the world, people, for itself and to the acts. It is possible to tell that we ponovy create ourselves.

In this material we take only a small step on a way to acquaintance to the man. And now we get acquainted with given rise under constellation of Twins.

With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: Twins – a symbol air. It летуч also is easy. Loves freedom. For this sign essentially communication with society. The Twin male is able to make laugh, share own tremendous thought, to become "soul" though to what company. But in fact, it will let in own inner world not everyone.

The man of this sign brightness, the active involvement, desire draws all to be in time, be necessary and powerful. To it can seem quite often that for full satisfaction life, all new and new memoirs are necessary for it. And it finds them in various actual spheres. It is periodically ready to go at the other end of the world for hotimy, not лицезрев that it (hotimy) was at it near by.

Note: Twins quite often get to the power of own variable desires and consequently cannot find the real purpose of own actions. Being near such sign, own confidence of answers to questions is basic: «Where I go? Why I chose this direction? That do I wish to reach finally?». On another it is possible to get under influences of the man and absolutely to forget about own real values and problems.

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: Though for the Twin male essentially as the lady and what of it the hostess, it will feel likeness of souls only with that which can say with it as equals looks. If your Twin male, it by right estimates such properties as ability to joke, turn is intricately the offer, to share the latest information, to estimate his latest idea etc.

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For the Twin the severe affairs imposed from outside or family creation, can frighten off only from the lady. While it did not make the decision that you that is necessary for it, be trained to be easy in conversation: flirt, periodically sneer, both at it, and over itself, take pleasure from joint pastime etc. The it is more that in house life with it this quality still is required to you.

His attachment is born when the lady to it is fascinating. Invariable novelty in the lady – a sure method for the Twin male «to fall in love, later to fall in love, later to fall in love» … And always in you, unique.

Note: Where the attraction between the man and the lady is born? Perhaps, it arises when we do not aspire to be fascinating to it and we are not arranged under the man, and we remain are true for myself, to the interests and heartily we are interested of.

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: The Twin family man will try to keep own barchelor actual way (a hobby, visit of secular actions, campaigns on a visit, adventures etc.). It is not necessary to limit or try it guide its energy completely to the family course. Remember: it – Air. What becomes with air which compress in a test tube? At it pressure grows and than more feasibly on it to press, high probability subjects that a test tube will tear. The same it is possible to wait and from an air sign, trying to limit its interests.

To resolve to it everything and to remain dissatisfied with his behavior – too not an exit. It is most ideal not to be released from visit of actions together and to receive from communication a pleasure maximum. Though in a circle of the big company the next surprise can wait for you. You will see, how simply your man strikes up new acquaintances and coquets with a return floor, despite of that you came to a party together.

But to be jealous it it is not necessary. The Twin male contemplates in interlocutors surrounding only, and will not acquire your reproaches in his change. To be upset quicker that you do not trust it, and specifically it can serve as a gap in the relations. The best that it is possible to make in this situation, to allow for itself healthy flirtation with surrounding men. The it is more that the jealousy or feeling of accessory are not inherent in Twin male.

Note: Thanks to own sociability Twins are registered on quite good fathers. They it is prompt in a condition to make with the child confidential affairs and stir in common, as old companions. However, for this purpose to develop in your kid complete perception of the world, with the Twin father mother should play periodically a role «the bad policeman» because your man will reproach hardly the kid with pranks. For what? After all he wishes to fool about.

Founder: Tatyana Petropolskaya

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