How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Raka?

How влюбить in itself muzhchinu Raka?

Periodically it seems that for entire happiness he is necessary to us only is a Man! Specifically the man will manage to make us happy, to fill our life, to solve all our difficulties. But later time, the understanding comes what to achieve it from it – stupidly. If we do not wish to be trained to be happy on for ourselves where a guarantee, what someone will train us in it?

Also there is a question: "For what the Man to the Lady?" Perhaps later, to learn to create and hear other person? To consider it and? To change most, thanks to it, and at all this not to lose own feature? Now speech how to keep affairs and to remain itself together with muzhchinoy Rakom.

Cancer: втюрился – married.
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With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: Outside the Cancer can seem cool and unapproachable, but under its rigid armor there lives soul which empathizes, condoles and can be very vulnerable. Say to find out muzhchinu Raka, it is necessary to eat with it not one pood of salt. For this sign depth of communication which guarantees it the strong and thorough base of the relations is basic. Therefore it is considered that for muzhchiny Raka the family is more basic, than for all other symbols.

One of distinctive features of that man will be that, having laid down the aim, it goes to it all the way. In process it is not inclined it with someone дискуссировать, but for it are important also the final result, and that as it will be accepted by people around. Therefore and in the relations as an ultimate goal of love for the lady, this symbol considers possibility of creation of a family with it.

Note: Though it is considered that sensual muzhchina Rak more others are capable aspires to realize the lady, strives on it and guesses her mood, it is necessary to hold in the head that such relation stands high. After all to such man you most should show feelings quivering and useless, to strive on it and to learn to foresee his mood.

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: For muzhchiny Raka the lady clever and fine, sympathetic and myagenky is basic. Naturally, at first it will direct attention to an exterior, but will elect only that which will appear the quite good interlocutor and the friend.

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The cancer appreciates the lady who will manage to reveal near it and to show it the slabinka, defects, maybe, to share difficulties which it faced. For it, essentially, that with it you were true, did not fear to look upset and broken. It will help you to get not bad mood, to solve your problems, and in exchange, will feel itself as the real man.

Note: At a choice of own companion the Cancer very much is afraid to be mistaken, because the wrong choice, come to an end divorce, can knock out it from an actual track for long time. Therefore, fascinating the man of this sign, reflect not only only about for itself, well and on it: whether is it with what you agree to connect all the life?

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: Male Cancers born pobkditel also adore to feel «masters of the Universe». His house is its fortress. To it in it with comfort and perfectly. In it he is an owner. Say that Cancers excellent fathers – they are proud of the descendants and love daughters. But so very much sponsor the family that eventually not to lose cordial relations, they should learn to give freedom to those whom they adore.

Prepare for that if you are not agree with view of own beloved, you will argue much. It is heavy to cancer to calm down, if his interlocutor reflects on another, than it. It will find the suitable information supported with statistics, his speech will be сладкоречива and to abound with quotes. It again and again will be ворачиваться to the mentioned subject in what there is no unity in views, yet will not overpersuade you or is given reason will not overpersuade it.

For the man born under this sign, essentially know that his darling loves it. «You do not love me, because it is necessary…» – this phrase can sound from exacting muzhchiny Raka if to it will seem that it received less a portion of your warmth and care. At all this it can stay few times on day in peak conditions that of unrestrained euphoria, dark melancholy.

Note: Coldness and reticence of the Cancer do not mean that its feelings cooled down or he stopped loving you. Simply in its inner world there passes one more metamorphosis of thoughts on meaning of the life and lives. During this moment it is possible or to throw it in rest, or to accelerate internal transformation though what external manifestation. In any case, the lady who loves own man, will trace results of own actions and will manage to expect, when and that is necessary for her man.

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