How to overcome jealousy?

How to overcome jealousy?

Not casually jealousy still call «a monster with greenish eyes»: it is enough to lose control over feelings at one only thoughts on another in life of your loved man, and this monster will creep to you in soul as a big viper, and her stings are deadly.

Water glass

If the girlfriend mysterious whisper reports on you that her girlfriend couple of days back contemplated your spouse with another in cafe, at first – with firmness hold blow. The innocent desire to drink a vodichka will give you a little (such suitable!) seconds to take breath, comprehend said and to clean from a face expression of a big warm flour.

For these seconds the sober mind will give the help: it is not necessary to amuse surrounding with a rough passion, a beating of ware and cliques: «I will kill a reptile!»

It is necessary to analyse truly received bad information, and later to do conclusions.

Spectral analysis of jealousy

Having lived that heavy day, it is not necessary to arrange the spouse of dismantling in the evening. At first try a sleepless night, and to fall asleep after everything to you hardly it will turn out, to analyse a situation.

At first, it is necessary to make sure of truthfulness инфы, in other words to learn, whether is it simply gossip of the envious woman. To make it it is easy, having compared the facts – not essentially what of us will give under such circumstances odds though to what Sherlock Holmes.

Even if the spouse recognizes that was in cafe that day, it is not necessary to panic. Pair of specifying questions, and you make sure – he had dinner in a break with the employee, and they were engaged in discussion of production troubles. And that Daw who brought data discrediting it on a tail, it contemplated and greeted. That to it, on view of the spouse, still it is necessary?

I – the best

What to hide – is jealous not essentially what of us and at any age. The jealousy is the that hidden inferiority complex against which not essentially what lady fights all life.

To fight with this phenomenon psychologists recommend auto-training «I – the best». And, however, after all from many familiar ladies the loved person elected in the spouse specifically you. You made the comfortable house and are not sorry for time in day of forces and work for homework. Bring up kids in respect and love to the father. On work you made good career and are not going to stop. And the couple of excessive kgs of weight always can be cleaned diets. Where your spouse will find such another? It is excluded!

The most close friend of ladies

It is possible not to hesitate: if we are tormented complexes, a strong half of the population of the earth by them exhaust even more.

That your beloved, do not give my God, did not look at the party, is a little sadistic, but 100 % working reception – to develop an inferiority complex at him dear.

And in the this case the most close friend of the lady – плешина. Quite delicate hint on its probable emergence as the most valorous Don-Zhuany run into the run wild panic and start to run a big lynx from all probable persons of a return floor that those did not behold its "patch" on a darkness.

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Do not doubt: from a complex плешины the man will not help out any to have a shave налысо. After all he knows that плешивет!

Baykersha for love

My friend Natasha it is long was jealous own Lyosha of friends bikers. «You understand, – it ached, – while it was called only by men from their club, I slept is weakened. Bearded healthy uncles all in headdresses – for a family not threat. But after all there were also these young predators who only and dream that of the comfortable man».

Natasha answered my question that to do, firmly: most to sit down on a bike. It natural, terrible, uncomfortable and unsafe, but rest in the house is much more expensive.

Lyosha was delirious with delight when the spouse asked to take it for the first time with itself in club. It appears, he and itself very much wished to acquaint her with the loved hobby, but feared even to offer.

That there are to Natasha trips on a baize – it is possible to present only. But at them with Lyosha almost new step of life and the relations began.

By the way, lady Asya who was keeping ringing to the spouse, is for some reason or other cunning from club …

Small council

Even заревновав, never give in to the first sensual rush, and soberly ponder a situation. Be convinced of the irresistibility, then people around will believe in it also. Be not jealous the spouse of his hobbies, and try to make them the general.

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