Top of 10 not truths in questionnaires on websites of acquaintances

Top of 10 not truths in questionnaires on websites of acquaintances

Websites of acquaintances essentially simplify a problem of search of young men as friends, lovers and husbands. In questionnaires of inhabitants of websites of acquaintances it is possible to find the best photos, clever quotes and properties which force to think of why That person is free and lonely till this moment?

Naturally, unlimited quantity it is silent questionnaires – are inveracious. People lie about own physical data, family and material provisions. Below you find points to which do not need to be trusted precisely, every 2nd invents about them on purpose to look more presentably in eyes of a return floor.


1. Growth. 22 % of young men and 10 % of ladies add for themselves excessive cm in hope that on appointment anybody will not define them also voobshchy then growth will not be the main subject in communication. Both men, and ladies consider that specifically small growth will frighten off possible brides and grooms.

2. Weight. Excessive kgs are one of the most severe пт in the questionnaire on the website of acquaintances together with presence of kids. Quite often on these resources посиживают diffident people with excessive kgs which in real life are confused own completeness and cannot approach to the person and freely get acquainted. Often wishing to get acquainted write off to 10 kg, in the questionnaire they are Thumbelinas and Tsarevitches. Specialists say that it is most ideal not to specify weight voobshchy, than later to disappoint the workmate, and voobshchy to begin acquaintance with heresy – ugly at least.

3. Physical form. Photos on the website can testify that the person has press and muscles or a waist and beefy buttocks. In real people meet the grown fat muscles and excessive kgs.

4. Age. Often about 32 % of young men and 20 % I will give отымают from own bio age years. The logic is ordinary – the looking younger, the better.

5. Material condition. Many choose in the column "Earnings" point "As everything is provided (-and)" in hope that to veshchestvenno provided person people will more quickly reach. And an excellent half wishing to get acquainted opposite – reduces own income to check new acquaintances.

6. Merits in career. 42 % of young men attribute for themselves positions of businessmen, and here 32 % of ladies fear written to frighten off possible grooms and diminish the professional merits and a salary.

7. Habits. In hope to seem people sociable, provided and glamour, walking in step with a fashion, watching the recent trends, many note that adore to travel, parties, parties though in fact they nevylazno посиживают in the evenings houses and a maximum that can allow for itself, is to enjoy coffee with the girlfriend in cafe and beer with the companion in a bar.

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8. Interests. Here people lie as can. Specify that adore horses and equestrian sport, never at all находившись near this animal, or to collect a car, going by a minibus. Therefore all is necessary for dividing that you see in the column "Hobby" at all into two, and on everything 10.

9. Kids and marital status. Usually many are married and married and not with one child, but on the website of acquaintances – are lonely. Men, usually, find partners childless not to contain another’s offsprings, and ladies understand that kids from last relations of the man remained with mother and the role of the father in their education is insignificant. Here therefore they not against to start affairs with the man having kids.

10. Pictures. Here Photoshop that is called, drives. Wishing to get acquainted do the photos glossy, without cellulitis, fat, spots and curve teeth. In reality on the first appointment people often have shock and such disappointment that they is still long avoid communication on websites of acquaintances.

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