In 80 % of cases of infertility of pair men

are guilty In 80 % of cases of infertility of pair men

Men are guilty in 80 % of cases of «inexplicable infertility» as scientists learned. If earlier doktor could not understand that after all prevents many pairs to get kids, now it was possible to learn that the whole matter is in the poor quality of spermatozoa.

Scientists from Institute of Belfast very tightly were engaged in research of paradox so called "infertility not giving in to an explanation", in other words conditions at which outside as though completely healthy and young pairs in any way do not manage to conceive the kid. It appeared that in 4 from each 5 similar cases of wine lies on the man at whom the highest damage rate of DNA of spermatozoa is observed.

Now scientists made the test by means of which it is possible to find a condition and extent of development of these damages that will allow doctors to pick up more promising way of healing. In the majority of clinics of planning of a family quality of spermatozoa judge in their form, speed of movement and concentration. All these analyses become under a microscope.

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In the brand new father-in-law the main emphasis is made on research of malekhanky violations of DNA of a spermatozoon. At their existence chances of conception essentially go down. And if the lady after all manages to conceive the kid by means of that spermatozoon, danger of an abortion grows. Researchers analysed a situation at 239 pairs which have faced with "infertility not giving in to an explanation", and learned that at 80 % from their difficulty is concrete with poor quality of spermatozoa.

"Practically at a third of pairs, long time incapable to conceive, doktor do not observe any trivial events of infertility which becomes in this case not giving in to an explanation, – the founder of research, doctor Sheena Lewis says. – These men and ladies spend essential quantity of time and funds for various methods of healing. Now we learned that in overwhelming majority of cases matter in damages of DNA of spermatozoa. Men now will manage to receive address and very effective therapy".

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