Top of 3 main types of bachelors

Top of 3 main types of bachelors

You – fine, young, clever also find to yourselves the same spouse? They are, get acquainted, perfectly look after and later for some reason or other as perfectly disappear. How what seemed the possible candidate in the spouse could, to take and so simply to block own phone or to change the place of residence?

Could – we speak – and we argue – the inveterate bachelor who «made feet» got to you as thought that you втюрились and засобирались in marriage. How to distinguish in men of those who does not wish to marry in principle or it is heavy to whom to make it for certain reasons? About it read further.

There are three types of bachelors, by all means study the characteristic of each of them and try not to fall into web its networks.

Ladies’ man or pikaper

It has very picturesque exterior, he excellent and expensively puts on, laboriously looks after itself – real метросексуал. He knows that is irresistible, and usually, on the lady does not feel sorry for means. Says much, it is long, very perfectly, on a subject and only that you wish to hear. It accepts fleeting communications, sex on the first appointment, it loses enthusiasm to the maiden actually to a meeting as with it overslept. Further finds other "victim".

Council: do not rest hope that you will manage to marry him on for yourselves and остепенить. Freedom is necessary to it, it is charmed by it, lives, breathes and grants the same feelings to maidens who have souls similar to it.

Esthete and pokazushnik

Unlike a pikaper the esthete very much saves up and appreciates affairs, but only their external picture. It too very perfectly looks after, does not feel sorry for means, tries to do all this on eyes at the amazed public. A bouquet from 101 roses in an office, a valuable present for Day of the birth, a magnificent dinner at restaurant – all this he can pay and receive the real pleasure how it the lady and them with it will accept an environment. Esthetes adore only very fine and well-groomed ladies who amuse an eye and their vanity. But they with ease are switched to other object which gets to their field of vision.

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Council: that man can be held, only remaining eternally young and charming, and still surprising him not less, than it you.

Mother’s sonny

Such men povsevremenno need caress, care, love, at all this once a second. They to it were accustomed by zealous mummies, they demand it and from future wives. They adore, that their ladies achieved, itself to look after they cannot at all, because do not know neither how to stroke a shirt, nor how to polish footwear.

Council: if you are ready to pile up on yourselves all difficulties and cares of that bachelor, means, forward. You simply will win it, but are worn out more than receive from pleasure, pleasure, gifts from life with it. So reflect.

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