How to endure change of the loved man?

How to endure change of the loved man?

The truth «All men change to wives» as sadly it would not sound, proves to be true almost in each family. But it is necessary to pull down because of it a society cell?

«As there are a lot of ladies not bad …»

It is possible and not to argue: one of the main events of changes of young men – female availability. There is so a lot of us, and so it is not enough of them that is amusing to achieve at first the third millennium from the 2nd half of fidelity.

Young beauties with the faultless figures, walking about on streets and a native office, can seduce and sacred, not that the ordinary man.

«Not guilty I – he left»

If your spouse declared that it was visited by brand new big love, and it leaves, the most important – not to incriminate itself in everything and to a meeting, and to test not to run into a rigid depression.

All words of girlfriends that you grew old, and the man till an old age – the fighter that it was necessary to look and not to let better than the 1st go on leave, carry only temper of sweet revenge. After all their blessed ran away still earlier. Mother’s: «And I long since warned you!» – from the same series.

The consolation «All is thrown by husbands» too optimism does not add.

As psychologists recommend, try to understand the reasons of its that cardinal act. Or, on ability, address to the specialist, but try not to entice anybody from close to dismantlings.

Theory of a glass of water

Men treat ladies according to the theory of «a water glass» essentially more often: easy and its korotkosrochny extramarital affair to anything does not oblige, and increases self-image. Whether it is necessary for the spouse to tear in that case on for itself hair and to achieve divorce?

Everything is in dependence from degree of your self-image and ability to constrain sensual rushes. Yes, it is natural, it is at random sad, sick, shameful before parents and friends who know about your dilemmas.

But, can, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to test to analyse a situation? You lived many happy years, at you the general kids, a focus of interest and friends. Having sued for divorce, you the machine gun get the status of the thrown spouse, and it is very unpleasant: in the company of the general friends you will not call never – the ex-husband with the latest girlfriend will come there; exchange of apartments and property sharing is necessary; the kids loving the father, blame you for everything; ancestors lie with heart attacks.

By itself the conclusion is imposed: casual change of the spouse of all these sufferings obviously is not necessary, as is confirmed in Lev Tolstoy novel "Anna Karenina" on Stiva Oblonskij example and his spouses.

Steel Vera Glagoleva

The best example of female wisdom in a situation of change of the spouse – the actress and the director Vera Glagoleva. It was offended, when found out: in America where the 1st spouse Rodion Nakhapeov left on earnings, another. Divorce followed, and the young lady remained with 2 daughters on hands. It was necessary to work as an ox to educate them and worthy life.

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In 35 years the Belief got acquainted with 28-year-old successful businessman Kirill Shubskim, answered it with a consent to marriage and gave birth to the third daughter – Nastasia.

About that the popular sportswoman and actress Svetlana Khorkina expects from her spouse of the descendant, Glagolev found out, finishing work on the film "Order" as the director. There could not be accident a picture plot in any way, almost in everything coinciding with Vera Vitalyevna’s personal accident. In the scenario it was told about the love drama, and the spouse of the heroine leaves to another.

Journalists outright asked, whether she is similar to the heroine of the film. The answer was such: «In the relation to love we almost in everything coincide. Naturally, I do not wish to tell that, having got to such situation, I would conduct myself in accuracy as it, but between us it is possible to carry out parallels».

When one of "girlfriends" began to explain to Glagoleva that Svyatoslav, Sveta Khorkina’s charming kid, should not suffer because of mistakes of adults, Vera Vitalyevna with advantage answered: «And Light in a course, what we with Kirill too have a child?» Also added: «Let’s look, we will think. Not to me to solve how to be farther».

The outcome of this house history is known: Glagolev was forgiven by the spouse, and they happily live further.

Slepoglukhonemy spouse

That data set – faultless for though what man. How many novels would be not not got by it on the party – the spouse notices nothing, listens to nobody, phone does not inspect, on pockets does not rummage. Someone will say: «Silly woman!» Someone: «Clear head!»

My employee Ira so unceasingly loves own Nikita that specifically so they and live 6 years.

When Irina ask, неуж she does not know about small changes the wife, she firmly answers: «It is run and to me will come back. – there is a lot of women, and I it one has a spouse and will be».

Irina always laughs at passions because of changes in «soap operas»: «Yes if at us not essentially what spouse to own spouse arranges on a jealous hysterics in day, the cry would stand round-the-clock».

Also recommends: you first understand, whether truly personally you so very much were touched by change of the spouse, or it is simply accepted scheme of behavior imposed by series.

Wedge wedge

Having learned about change of the spouse, my friend Tanya decided to revenge and get for itself the boy friend. In their printing house of young men there is a lot of and troubles with a choice of the beloved were not.

Tanya only did not consider one factor: that is possible for the man, the lady – is impossible. When her legitimate spouse disappeared on a quantity of days in fantastic business trips, neither kids, nor ancestors of questions did not set: supporter, worker. And the most offended spouse simply did not have time for appointments, make-ups and funds for new clothes. After all anybody for it did not begin to do all homework even in that critical situation.

And the lover was not going to do function of the psychoanalyst and to listen to monologues about family dilemmas., Actually, and in own family they sufficed to it.

Naturally, the novel promptly withered.

Small council

Nobody cancelled the polygamous nature of young men, therefore to changes they treat as ordinary business. So it is necessary to their spouses to give to "pranks" the sizes of a global catastrophe?

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