How to the lady to learn to receive gifts from the man?

How to the lady to learn to receive gifts from the man?

The lady gives the sexy energy to the man, in exchange receives the material. Gifts are investments in the lady which by all means will come back to the man a storitsa in the form of growth on a career ladder or additional profit.

And here very essentially, what for the lady it is more important – spiritual or material compound than the relations? If overweight goes towards the first, you will involve nainteresneyshy, but the impecunious intellectual, if the second – the avaricious rich man. A faultless ratio – 50 on 50.

The lady who is not able to accept gifts, destroys affairs. Here a sad example from life:

The letter of the maiden which always pays for itself

Hello! I on the verge of failure from own behavior and following consequences. My discrepancy that I profess material independence of young men: from the first appointment I pay for myself, I can present to it expensive gift, I like to do surprises etc. Periodically I understand that I do nonsenses, but passes a little time, and I again start to be spent. Men in turn first grant me florets, present gifts, and later suddenly stop. From time to time I envy the girlfriends, they from own halves receive everything, that захочут, from fur coats to cars! The matter is that I earn a little, from time to time even I borrow, but without a pleasant surprise of the lover I will not leave. Prompt how to behave, please, periodically to feel a smell of the roses presented by the man which is pleasant…

If the man invites you to appointment, he the machine gun assumes responsibility for wastes on cooperative leisure. At least, which the lover should pay, is a joint pastime, and the spouses – accommodation and a food. I do not advise to make to the man gifts more often, than New year and Day of the birth. Naturally, you can give the beloved surprises in the form of the connected sweater, an aromatic bath or weakening massage.

How many you understand the married couples which have lived in marriage of 10 years where the man continues to grant to the spouse gifts? It is not enough examples, in it ladies who allow men to relax also are guilty. Trying to please, it to become a gift, instead of a trophy which so suits the hunter. And when the lady grants to the man gifts, the conqueror accepts it as counterattack. The hunter realizes that falls prey. In the best case the man will escape from that lady, in the worst – will sit down on a neck.

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After a marriage of spouses continues to grant gifts to receive an official message of thanks and feel powerful. If the lady unskillfully perceives gifts, it will stop them to grant. If she says that he bought it not those florets, it will be the last bouquet. It is necessary for ladies to learn to accept gifts so that the man felt the importance, received sensual feed. Praise not so much a gift, how many the donator, tell to it, what it generous and cool.

If you, лицезрев a gift, thought that it at all that is necessary for you, without lifting a look, rush to the man on a neck. the 1st 10 seconds of an eye cannot lie and will give out your confusion or displeasure. If not late to change a gift, wait two days and, it seems, suddenly admit that you have no dress under color of the presented car. It is better to have a convincing explanation and a certain appearance.

Under the balance law one person from pair Feels, and the 2nd ACTS. To earn means and to take something is acts. If these duties lie on you, to your man does not remain anything else, without considering how to feel. If you wish to be charmed by love and life, simply allow to act to the man.

If the man does not make gifts:

He does not love this lady therefore also grants nothing.

Egoist. Got used to take and not to give. It is to a meeting it is perceptible, it and on the 1st appointment will thrust to the lady upon a dinner.

Miser. At first can show a bit of generosity on flowers or cinema, but it promptly will pass. That man is avaricious and on compliments, a praise.

It simply did not train to grant gifts (mother, the former ladies).

In your forces to accustom the man to be not empty-handed, and to bring personally to you at least a trifle, but pleasant. Speech does not go about food on a house table and subjects of the general use, and that will be personally pleasant to you. It is possible to speak to it about own preferences and desires, softly to hint at what you would like and even to say directly that he bought berries or fruit, further – it is possible to ask about the bigger. It is necessary to do 30 days a poporyadka – the habit exactly so much is developed. Accept each gift with children’s ecstasy, on another you risk to frighten off the man. To though what man can pick up own key. But it is periodically necessary to touch the whole bunch of keys while you will find the suitable.

Founder: Victoria Slavin, book «School of Geishas. Lessons of recruitment and deduction of the man»,

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