Scientists compared a mans and ladies brain

Scientists compared a mans and ladies brain

Ladies use own brain more effectively, than men. To such conclusion scientists came from the Californian institute.

It is clear that the sizes of a man’s and ladies’ brain differ (at young men a brain weighs on 100-150 g more). Results of new research with a role of 59 ladies and 45 young men showed that, despite of the smallest sizes, a brain of ladies works more perfectly. It is found that for a merit of similar result it is necessary for female brain to spend less energy and to use less brain cages, than man’s.

Scientists explained that at young men the number of neurons essentially is more, and ladies essentially have more than communications between neurons. It allows them to think more quickly. At all this though young men have more гиппокамп (respectively, is higher the reason), it is lowered by activity of work of a brain.

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