Sex, when kids of the house: top of 5 councils

Sex, when kids of the house: top of 5 councils

When in a family there is a child, to find time for intimate life becomes much more difficultly. The small little man asks invariable attention, and you feel only parents, but not lovers.

Again to make a marriage bedroom "frying" and at all this to pay to the small child appropriate attention, it is necessary to go on certain cunnings.

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The kid in a bed

Without mother the kid will not manage to fall asleep, but if you are adjusted now on intim, ask the spouse to promote you to lay the kid. Lay down in common on a bed, the kid put between you. Lulling the baby, exchange gentle kisses and caresses and when he will fall asleep, shift it in the bed. If the child still as though does not have 8 months, you should not feel awkward for that the intimate proximity occurs in a room in what the kid also dozes.

The child in an arena

When the child from 1 year and the 3rd months till 2nd years and has more, intimate life is better for hiding from it. The baby can apprehend your acts as "the father offends mother" therefore it is better to you to retire to other room. For this purpose leave the kid in an arena with the beloved it toys (better – moving or musical) which will distract it for quite long time.

Bad dream

You took unawares – the bad dream dreamed the child or became terrible to one in a room. This frequent phenomenon for kids at the age from the 2nd till 4th years. Your affairs with the spouse are important to you, but the healthy condition of the kid is main. As the child a little will calm down, tell that it is necessary for you to descend in a toilet, the spouse follows you a little later. To end the begun can directly in a bathroom, or find other room which is not so far from your bedroom.

Sex, when kids of the house: top of 5 councils


At 5-year age the kid becomes very inquisitive and can already do without the aid of others many things. Therefore in the evening, having heard suspicious noise or a cry, can silently and imperceptibly steal up to you to find out, whether all as it should be. Consider such situations and before starting to indulge in love entertainments, explain to the child that mother with the father needs to stay certain time together, always close a door in a bedroom on the lock and include for "background" a TV set.

Open conversation

The child at the age from 5 till 8 years can say that his parents need time to stay together, but, naturally, without going into details. The kid already is able curiously and with utility to itself to spend time, it simply distracts on мульты, books or designers. At this age he should consider that adults should have a private life and rest, but the main thing – to find the correct words that the child did not feel itself thrown by parents.

Sex, when kids of the house: top of 5 councils

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