Top of 6 ladies legends about men

Top of 6 ladies legends about men

Men – the most hot topic for ladies’ discussions. The visible novel with the new lover, crisis in the relations with the guy, one-way love or a petty intrigue with the married man – options is a lot of, but a conclusion, usually, always one: it seems, with comfort the lady did not feel in the world of young men, and what ordinary all here seemed, and up to the end to realize their hvaleny man’s logic to it after all heavy.

All the matter is that ourselves complicate the affairs with the man, trusting in the developed stereotypes about a return field and pining waiting for acts which it is considered to be purely man’s. We will try to dispel certain ladies’ legends about a return field to facilitate our mutual understanding.

Men – the stronger sex

It from what party to have a look. They transfer physical activities easier, but, despite of it, at though what comfortable ability will release itself from excessive vanity and movements. To chagrin, progress forms the coddled people which morning passes in car sitting, day – in an office chair, evening – on a house sofa. The food is ordered by a mouse click, and to deal with the competitor it is possible in a telephone mode. In the sensual plan, female endurance, to patience and ability to contain a hundred part of affairs in one day, men can envy. So the stronger sex – now the concept "unisex": to whom it concerns – ladies or men more – absolutely precisely it is impossible to tell.

Men operate the car, than ladies even better

Truly to tell more extremely and more impudently. And the more abruptly at the man the car, the more feasibly it shows these properties on the road. Vtemyashili for itself in the head that ladies bad drivers that was whom to incriminate in all road accidents. The man ego-trips on the road, pretending that traffic regulations are written only for blondes at a wheel and DAI. The lady simply аккуратненько and with comfort wishes to reach from пт And in point B, overtaking nobody and without trying to show the importance on the road. But it is necessary to recognize that with a parking actually always at young men of business are better, than at ladies, but this weakness we can forgive.

Top of 6 ladies legends about men

Men do not sob

Men too people, and anything human is not alien to them. Man’s tears are not manifestation of cowardice, timidity or pity to themselves, and a sign of its sensual sensitivity and the deepest susceptibility to the events. Occasions to it at a return floor can be much: from a tsarapinka by the loved car before loss of the loved one. But if the lady presumes to have a little cry for itself in any place and though what time, for the man this process very intimate, and the tear it will start up only before the most loved person.

The way to a heart of the man lies through a stomach

What for oddish anatomy? To the man care and attention hunting, and it by all means on advantage will estimate your diligence in manufacturing of his beloved of a dish, a solemn dinner or a romantic dinner. But for it it is not enough wife cook: without considering cooking books, there is even more suitable literature and to show the ladies’ talents it is necessary to be able not only only in kitchen, well and behind its walls. In this old saying there is a certain sense, but only it to cope in the relations with the man it is not necessary.

Top of 6 ladies legends about men

Men do not talk scandal

Believe: when men gather in common, behave more awfully than housewives. In a strip a bar or on football they call discussion of another’s mistresses, office romances, business trips and campaigns friendly conversation. And long discussions of the spouse with the girlfriend by phone – leisure female gossips. As call, but the essence from it will not exchange, men as adore to gossip "about a skeleton in another’s case".

It is possible to live and without the man

For what then we spend all salary for magnificent shoes and prestigious dresses, we suffer depilation and we preen feathers every morning? The lady needs the man with the same force, as it in it. And despite of offenses, misunderstanding, misunderstanding and difficulties which appear in the relations between the man and the lady, separately to them to exist absolutely intolerably.

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