How to realize, true affairs at you or thought up?

How to realize, true affairs at you or thought up?

Quite often ladies are inclined to confuse ordinary politeness to enthusiasm manifestation from the man. Exchanged phones – and the lady starts to expect a call. The casual meeting here causes a large quantity of guesses. Perhaps, he expected me? Wished to create, but did not decide to invite? Is afraid of refusal and consequently does not call on appointment?

How to distinguish a zaintrigovannost of the man and expectation of the lady, say Ellen Feyn and Sherry Schneider in the book «Rules. How to marry the man of own dream». In 20 years of "Rule" more than 7 million copies dispersed in circulation and as before remain the blockbuster. The magazine of People carried the book to the category must-read, and Elle called it the best book on the relations.

Not to become the hostage of own expectations, it is necessary to distinguish friendly and romantic affairs. Friendly affairs can develop with though what man with whom you work, or use his services. It can be the employee, the chief, the doctor, the customer or the client, the accountant. If the man is affable, simply keeps up the conversation and is attentive, the lady simply runs into a silly pensive condition and starts to imagine the forthcoming succession of events. A special impressionability the lonely ladies who have yearned on the fierce relations differ. It is simpler to them to think up, than to make. Do not think that you began the novel only therefore that the man showed attention out of professional politeness.

Ladies the voobshchy are inclined to embellish a situation. It is that case when to dream it is harmful. He wrote "Hello", and she at level of thoughts married it and gave birth to three kids. The relations of which the lady dreams, does not exist yet, and it already spends for them the time and energy. Present that you expect the invitation to appointment. Day expect, two, three … invite you, and you immediately agree. And where intrigue? The easy victory will discourage the man. It will acquire that made specifically for what from it waited. It is true and correctly to behave, it is necessary do not follow the tastes of own expectations.

How to realize, whether the man to you shows enthusiasm, or you give out hotimy for the valid? Use an ordinary rule: the man who was fond of you, will always find a method to invite you on appointment or to stay with you alone in a non-working situation. At all this subordination has no value: chief or subordinate, employee or client. The enamoured man will invent an occasion to spend time together.

Why ladies are mistaken concerning the probable relations? For certain, excellent manners and goodwill meet from time to time in our life. For example, the doctor or the employee if you had difficulties, helps to solve them and says at parting: «Call me in though what time». It even puts a hand to you on a shoulder and looks in eyes. Meaning, call – if there will be similar urgent difficulties. The lady hears that wishes to hear: «In though what time of day and night I will be glad to your call. I wait for your call». Masters should show warmth and care, it is quite good tone in relation to clients. In such behavior there is nothing personal therefore do not take a stock phrase for the promise.

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The call after hours too can seem a sign of personal enthusiasm. For example, in the evening in day off when all ordinary people have a rest, calls or the accountant, the chief, the programmer writes. What do we think? To it it is lonely, there is nobody to have a talk, he remembered me and even invented an occasion on work. And what if it does not guess, what you have personal time? Perhaps at it did not remain borders between working and target days, between the house and work. Amuse itself hope. If conversation went only about work and did not come to the end with the invitation to appointment, it was only the business call.

If the man works in a services sector – the dealer, the waiter, the barman, the business adviser, the fitness trainer, the dietician, the trainer of personal growth – at you completely can seem with it confidential affairs. Work at it such – to hold in the head what you drink coffee as call your doggie or where there live your ancestors. It seems to you that he flirts with you, is always attentive, gives more time, than another and if he invites you about appointment, you agree with pleasure. But he does not invite. Do not take offense. It does not mean that it treats badly you. The specialist always will be the pleasant interlocutor for own clients.

It Perhaps, simply flirtation – is amusing to communicate, distract from severe thoughts or work. Men like society of fine ladies, it in a condition to pay a compliment to behold your reaction, the type of your decollete and harmonous feet is pleasant to it. Flirtation lifts self-image of the man. Flirtation is harmless, therefore it is not necessary to accept it seriously. Seriously only invitation to appointment. Flirtation is harmless, while you do not perceive it seriously and do not start to expect and lay down, without having the bases. The ladies who have steeped in invented affairs, quite often do not notice abilities for the relations real.

So, we will sum up.

While the man did not invite you to appointment, there are no bases to consider that you are pleasant to it.

If the man is enamoured, he by all means will invite you to appointment or walk.

You should eat precisely at you with affairs or is not present. The third does not happen.

If you confused hotimy and real, it is not necessary to find out affairs.

You will not force the man to invite you to appointment if it was not going to do it.

Do not spend for it the time. Try to look always the charming. The first finish meetings and discussions.

Meet other men, with those who invites you. Safely move forward.

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