How to realize, what the man wishes you to throw?

How to realize, what the man wishes you to throw?

Naturally on idea that your man decided to tear affairs, can наткнуть its coldness, roughness and an inattention. But it can exchange in connection with seemed неуввязками on work, with friends, native, and you here will be absolutely at anything. Therefore analyse a situation and direct attention to the subsequent moments in his behavior.

It is released from meetings

He tries to spend more time without you, is released from meetings, referring to constant load, an indisposition, but in a receiver at a background you clearly hear another’s voices, noise, a laughter – it it is obvious not one. It should compel to reflect you.

Does not wish sex

If it is released from proximity with you and as in the first case, refers to slackness and an indisposition, extort from it everything carefully and have a talk heart-to-heart. It is possible to be released from sex once, but systematically is the 1st sad call.

It is less than tenderness and caress

It meets you, as though you as lovely spend time, but notice that caresses, tendernesses and cares from its party became less. It stopped to take you by the hand, обымать in public, kisses on a cheek, instead of in sponges … All this is very surprising at least, at most – to it it is unpleasant, everything suddenly became besprintsipialny and useless.

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If the man returns the things presented by you or asks back the, including flat keys, here everything already clearly is the beginning of the end.

Hides phone

To it began to call and write quite often SMS, and he at all this goes to other room, means, it something confidential. Try to find out, who calls it. If he starts to be angry and worry – means, the lady calls, and you "poke the nose into other people’s affairs". The same concerns the blocked computer – to it is what to hide.

It is always occupied

It absolutely stopped to call, do any certain duties, it is always occupied that with mother, with the friend, finishes the report, lost phone. Generally, тыща events not to create you and not to hear.

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