How many clothes to put on to carry away the man?

How many clothes to put on to carry away the man?

It is experimentally confirmed: to intrigue the man, the lady should be bared for 40 %.

Mental experience carried out in one of night clubs. Observers fixed, how many time unfamiliar men addressed to those or other ladies on purpose to invite to dance, to treat or simply to get acquainted. In the separate column it was noted, in what representatives of a beautiful floor were dressed.

Bigger furor got to the ladies bared approximately for 40 %, in other words, or with open feet, or – with a naked zone of a decollete. The ladies bared both here, and there used where the smallest popularity. As well as to «tightly sealed» to ladies, to them addressed twice less often.

Such behavior of young men is explained to that they find in the lady to a meeting and a freedom, and restraint. Very closed dresses do not allow to judge "parameters" of the charming stranger, and excessive openness is perceived as availability (not so many young men who are interested in ladies who do not need to be won). Not including that, excessive sexuality, causes desire inflow in the man. If there is ability to a meeting no it to satisfy, it can cause discomfort. So and in this plan the seminude lady where the zhelanny. Earlier, than to pass to intim, with it it is possible and to have a talk …

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