Council of day: never try to process the man

Council of day: never try to process the man

That the family was amicable and strong, and feelings and trust to each other only grew stronger every year, follow advice of writer Darya Dontsova, which itself was married three times.

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"The most basic – to realize that the person changes. And that young boy whom you married, in 10 years becomes another. As our ladies very quite often, having married, start to alter the spouse. They always bring up it, bring up, and in 15 years shout: you not whom I married! And what you wished? You over it worked 15 years. It is necessary to resolve here and there, on the one hand, to it to take any own place. "Do not go to garage to companions …" Yes let it to these companions all right! At it there should be any business, both it will change, and you will change. And you not so that girl, and he is not that boy. If you consider it, everything will be excellent", – Dontsova is sure.

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