Sociologists and psychologists from the USA carried out research and learned that, looking at a certain type of a female figure, in a brain of young men there is an active development of hormones of pleasure – эндорфинов.

In experience accepted a role of 14 sexy active young men, they were tested on alcohol, drugs and sexy excitability. Along with all the factors listed above the brain of young men as reacted to the ladies owning a figure "hourglasses". Specifically ladies with a big breast, wide hips and a very narrow waist force young men to feel pleasure even without sex, esthetically.

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The little earlier psychologists and sexologists from New South Wales learned that on young men makes invariable reminiscence the lady OST of 163 centimeters, a grasp of a waist of 76 cm, volume of hips of 100 cm and breast volume – 95-100 see. It is better also that the size of its clothes was 46-48.

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