Affairs with the man are more senior than you: that

Affairs with the man are more senior than you: that

Pairs where the man is more senior than the lady, – the phenomenon in modern society rather widespread. We need the partner in whom we feel force and reliability in what we contemplate the worthy satellite with actual experience and the wisest acts. But before entering severe affairs with the man is essentially more senior than you, look at other party and weigh all pros and cons better to consider: whether truly that "model" of the relations is necessary to you.

"Starenky a dog does not give in to training"

The young partner – as tin from which softly and it is skillfully possible to stick together "figure" suitable you, but with the mature man of business are on another. He – a granite which to square not so simply, it is, usually, taken place man which life was precisely stabilized. It has the work which is bringing in the solid income, own circle of friends and interests, inveterate looks and habits. Generally, where look – everywhere everything moderately. Proceeding from it, becomes clear that it will not be pleasant to such man, if to someone will take in head to change it. It will quicker take the lady who simply adapts to its rules of life under the wing.

You – on the second plan

It behind shoulders already has a marriage from which there were kids. In this situation at you severe difficulties can seem. Descendants can fall in love with you or categorically you not accept – other options cannot be. And if your man worships in them and I keep a hard line "kids on wives I do not change", the conflicts to your elect, to chagrin, you not to avoid. Remain for them in a shadow: do not try to become for their good and ugodny, and under no circumstances do not incite against them the father. A situation absolutely give in hands of own man – having shown fatherly authority, it can visit the developed affairs to the necessary course. It is necessary to learn the next basic moment further: and whether he with you wishes kids or the prospect to become again the father it at all does not seduce? If completely everything suits it, be honest ahead of itself: the man to whom wish to present kids is necessary to you. Without hesitation, move further on searches of the new elect.


In the relations with the mature man the lady feels a reliable shoulder about itself and the firm soil under feet. It is simple to it to present that man as the father of own kids and the wife with which it is possible to build a strong family. If you to yourselves decided that with such partner communication will be long-term, by all means "probe" the sexy soil of own relations. Statistically, intimate difficulties of spouses – the most frequent reason of divorce. If your sexy rhythms do not coincide, if you are much more active and more temperamental in sex if your elect – eventually you receive only disappointment, sensual narrowness and a presnost in the relations. If your characters coincide, then consider certain features of sexual life with the mature man. Most likely, sex will be not rich on "sharp" experiences and "hot" imaginations – your proximity will be more intimate, if passionate. The young partner more a naporist, резковат and even is rough, at the mature workmate is needed an ublazheniye and an emotionality. But in "pluses" it is possible to carry equipment and experience: he perfectly knows rules of seduction of ladies and how to deliver it pleasure.


Not запамятовывайте about one printsipny fact which quite often slight. The basic age difference is disagreements in tastes of leisure and rest. You wish dances till the morning, songs in a karaoke and glamour parties, he was satiated with secular actions and acquaintances, and aspires to house comfort, calm and regularity. Obviously, at first the relations it will try to make on you the most picturesque reminiscence and to bring property in your appointments: visits of restaurants, parties and theaters. The adult man will receive a charge of yours young energy, but forever it will not suffice. Perfectly reflect: whether such affairs will bore you?

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