Scientists told, what gene

Scientists told, what gene

Oxytocin quite often call "a love hormone": it fixes social and psychological communications, improves emotional mutual understanding between lovers and between parents and children. At all this it has also bad effects: it reduces trust to foreign, periodically even provoking a groundless rage in адресок another’s person. In other words oxytocin action very much is in dependence from a public context, from with whom and in what relations is индивидум.

Researchers from Bonn institute (Germany) found the next effect at "a love hormone": it appeared that he helps men to be loyal to the partner. Voobshchem, it is clear that oxytocin supports a monogamy at the run wild animals, in other words, roughly speaking, lowers possibility of marriage change. But that at animals, how at the person?

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For experience 86 heterosexual young men who by means of nazalny spray were given a dose of oxytocin or плацебо were invited. Then examinees appeared confidentially with the charming lady, and from them it was required to find, from what distance to them with it to say more comfortably.

It appeared that oxytocin increases the personal district at young men, but is exclusive in case they already are in the romantic relations. Free men simply communicated with the lady when between them was from 50 to 60 see. Men with the relations after processing by oxytocin did not admit to for themselves other beauties closer than on 70-75 see.

In other series of experiences of the man should remove or move up to for itself various photos on which were represented or fine ladies (option – fine landscapes), or something vile (the torn-off parts of a body and other). It is clear that fine ladies were to be made out closer, but under oxytocin examinees reacted to ladies more poorly, with a perceptible delay.

Generally, researchers draw a conclusion that oxytocin fixes a monogamnost, forcing the man to avoid postoroniy beauties. Not including that, the corresponding line of oxytocin – dependence of its manifestation on a public context proved to be true; in this case – from the personal status of the man.

Let’s note that, according to conclusions of scientists, the smell of sweat draws a return floor, and tears lower sexy desire.

Not including that in 2011 the South American scientists opened the love nature. The anthropologist from the USA doctor Helen Fischer studied about 30 years this feeling and learned that everything is in dependence from the hormones forming types of the personality.

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