Scientists established, why men

Scientists established, why men

Your partner runs into hibernation to a meeting after sexual intercourse? Most likely, here fault biology.

The South American doktor, eventually, could give the adequate answer to a popular ladies’ question: «Why the young man drives at a dream after sex?» Specialists say that the bark of a brain of the man after an orgasm is absolutely disconnected. Emission серотонина and пролактина during an orgasm renders strong somnolent effect on an organism therefore the man has a powerful drowsiness and weakness in a body. During this moment the organism is in a condition of full not excitability and absence of any sexy desires.

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Also doktor learned that men with low level пролактина do not test strong drowsiness after sexual intercourse and can show further activity with own partner.

At ladies not excitability phase after an orgasm absolutely is absent – they are opposite placed to continuation of sexual intercourse or discussions.

Founder: Nastya Sukhenko

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