Young men are enticed outside by

Young men are enticed outside by

Choosing pair, the most part of young men, at first, pay the attention to an exterior of the lady. The French scientists drew a conclusion that as reference points the breast, feet or build, and naruzhny similarity with the man serve not.

Researchers of Institute of sciences about evolution in Monpelye suggested examinees to choose finer ladies’ portraits. About 40 % of respondents suspended own choice on a photo of ladies with similar features (the same color of eyes, hair, in the width of lips which the man got used to create in a mirror, looking at the reflection).

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In the middle of 115 successful married couples spouses with similar features also prevailed. Researchers concentrated only on the inveterate unions in what, at least, one kid was born.

Ladies at a choice of the workmate pay the attention to external data of candidates much less, concentrating on personal qualities and соц the status.

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