Top of 10 mans purposes – things, at the price of $1

If sometime your elect presents you as a gift a handbag from Ginza Tanaka and will treat with coconut cognac, know – this man always reaches the own. Trifles at the price of one million can allow for themselves only owners of own life. So, to what true Men aspire?

Top of 10 mans purposes – things, at the price of $1

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra cars in a year only 18 pieces are issued. High speed of the device of 370 km/h. And for those who prefers baizes, in the list of things on one million dollars, there is Harley Davidson painted manually by known artist Jack Armstrong.

In a rating of the most expensive devices in the world the laptop at the price of more than one million dollars is in the lead. It was let out by the Luvaglio company in 2007, but the price record is not beaten till this moment. The case of a laptop is executed from valuable breeds of a tree and decorated with the most rare color brilliants, and заместо inclusion/switching off buttons – a big brilliant of a faultless facet. On the second place – the audiocolumns Ultimate, and on the 3rd – the platinum Diamond Crypto phone interspersed by brilliants.

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The men, dreaming to subdue a heart of darling, presently aspire to get not a star from the sky, and spirits from DKNY Golden Delicious which bottle is decorated with 2909 jewels. Or a handbag from Ginza Tanaka.

One more valuable thing – a crystal bath of Crystal Bathtub from Baldi-Harrods was cut out from an integral slice of the rock crystal found in Amazonia. Its initial cost made one million, but, in connection with crisis, of a bath a little reduced the price, to $790 000. Coconut Mendis Million Dollar cognac can become worthy addition to a crystal bath. Despite of transcendental cost, Mendis drinks use the deserved enthusiasm in the middle of fans of luxury.

Finishes the dream list the copper coin which has been let out in 1793, hotimy one South American cent. His today’s owner caught a coin which on giving brings fate, for $1 380 000.

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