How to realize, whether you are ready to marriage?

How to realize, whether you are ready to marriage?

Any affairs during some moment should leave on new level: loving the friend to the friend people simply become a family and give birth to children and if think out excuses from the REGISTRY OFFICE, means, they are not absolutely ready to any logic continuation of their communication. Are not ready yet or will not be ready never – everything is in dependence from values, desires and the purposes of young people.

Quite often maidens do not wish to marry own elects because of shortage of funds for a magnificent marriage, wait for perfectly made offer. Men «отмазываются» from a severe step that yet did not earn on the apartment, the car and did not promote. At all this such situation can proceed for years, and these things really specify that people are not ready to establish a family with available partners or in principle.

At what age it is better to establish a family?


18-25 years. At this age they are not absolutely ready to this step, but have desire to marry. They are pulled by romanticism and available sex. Such unions come to the end on 5 or 7th year of life.

26-35 years. Usually, at this age young people are ready to marry.

36-40 years. Burned by life and grown wise experience of the man find wives, touching them and defining the best.

40-48 years. Find the spouse twice looking younger itself to feel at height. But it is heavy to them to get used to the companion.

49-55 years. Take in the spouse pliable, not bad ladies, not bad hostesses who and the house contain in purity and in a bed are not bad. In the spouse take ladies, not much more looking younger itself.


18-24 years. Dream of the tsarevitch on a snow-white stallion. Can marry the first offered, and later soon to divorce.

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25-29 years. Are completely ready to house life, make a severe choice.

30-35 years. Quite often marry from a position «already it is time» and «I will jump in the last car». Try to become pregnant more quickly because bio hours tick. Those maidens who married yet were not, find the spouse very intensively, still touch, but, having been defined, become appeasable, strive on the spouse, приклнны, loving. Ladies after divorce quite often change young men, is careful and skilled find partners.

36-40 years. Are very accurate in a choice of the partner in life, it is heavy to them to reconcile to that they not one and to divide a life with someone another.

41-55 years. Aspire to marry the man who would become them the real friend, the lover, most likely for the age-mate.

How to realize, what the partner is ready to house life?

The partner is ready, if:

He assumes responsibility and care for you; plans the joint future; is not in dependence at all from parents; that reflects on you, own emotions, future children always says; it does not try you to change; does not love quarrel and always finds a compromise; very much wishes kids; it is ready to offer for the sake of you communication with friends and relatives; says that was developed.

The partner is not ready, if:

Does not wish and in every possible way avoids responsibility; tries to change you under itself; does not say about the future or remembers, but you in it are not present; very much is in dependence from parents, in particular from mother; does not share неуввязками, pleasures, actually everything hides; does not wish kids; is afraid to lose freedom; it does not wish to be released from habits, hobbies, lifestyle for the sake of you; says that it was not developed yet.

Put about these пт pluses or minuses, analyse their quantity and cause, than that in your life it is more. Conclusions and decisions – for you.

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