In changes of spouses their ancestors

are guilty In changes of spouses their ancestors

Scientists from Karlov’s Czech institute decided to carry out the research marriage change became which object. It appeared that changes in house pair very much are influenced by that fact, whether took a place to be marriage incorrectness in families of parents.

The managing director of research Jan Gavlichek interrogated a little more than 80 pairs, processed these data and published results which say that to the soulmates those people more often change, which else in the childhood learned that someone from parents changes.

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According to Gavlichek, it is concrete it and that ease from which partners lay down in another’s beds is explained and often destroy also the, and another’s family lives.

This tendency is observed more from young men if I will give – at mature age the last запамятывают about disorders in families of parents and are switched on own. By means of changes of the man try to find new sexy experience, feelings and an enchanting spectacle, and to ladies hunting of new emotions and tenderness.

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