Scientists: similar people from time to time get on in common

Scientists: similar people from time to time get on in common

Faultless, on the 1st look, the Hollywood marriages, such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth has Taylor, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally collapsed. Scientists explain it to that partners in marriage were very similar at each other to consist in the long relations.

Researchers from the Colombian institute say that people agreeing on all questions far not always feel with comfort together. For example, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were very excentric and quick-tempered natures. Eventually, they did not sustain own similarity and dispersed.

In an extent of the 3rd years in Ministry of Health of the USA mental researches in what accepted a role more than 700 young men and ladies were carried out. Questions concerning joint life, level of proximity, the general satisfaction the relations, thoughts on parting, common goals and interests were asked to them. It became clear that and strong those pairs where partners were not so close the friend the friend were happier, well and not so differed. Psychologists say that it is necessary to find golden mean in sensual proximity with the partner.

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Doctor David Frost, the leading founder of research, says: "Certain pairs understand that could be closer to each other sensually, but they are happy, despite of some mental distance. Besprintsipialno, much you see off time in common or not enough, whether are fond of one and same or is not present, the main thing that to you was with comfort. If you aspire to bigger proximity or, on the contrary, to keep away, you have a chance to spoil affairs".

Then there is no faultless recipe of happiness for all. Each pair in the relations has the zone of comfort – that degree of proximity which suits both.

This concept depicts not only only affairs of lovers, well and put between children and parents, employees, well and just friends, researchers in article which has left in a magazine of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin emphasize.

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