Female jealousy recognized as pathology of a brain

Female jealousy recognized as pathology of a brain

The science called more than once strong feelings defects and manifestations of certain pathologies of a human brain. To the first in the list of similar sensual diseases there is a love, and after it as the Italian scientists from institute in Pisa learned in own nedavneshny research, – female jealousy. On view of professionals, specifically female jealousy is not that another as pathology which asks healings.

Doktora allocate 5 main types of jealousy: depressive, hypertrophied, paranoid, maniacal and horror of divorce. Under definition "pathology", at first, get brutal jealousy manifestation – at many ladies the jealousy is shown even in the form of attacks. Researchers established that it is necessary to cure similar cases as well as other diseases, in other words medikamentozno.

On view of professionals when the lady is jealous, in her organism level серотонина – a hormone which is responsible for mood essentially goes down. And, to fill its defect, the lady starts to row. Specifically at this time in its organism the happiness and pleasure hormone – дофамин grows. Scientists say that if just right not to begin healing, the lady can get used to similar ways of the solution of troubles of a defect дофамина and start to look for povsevremenno reasons for scandal.

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Itself "unhealthy" at all this can and not suspect that the similar behavior arises because of violations certain brain functions. After all excessive activity in certain areas also causes a rage. It can do much harm very much to the person because absolutely deprives of it self-checking. The jealousy can finish to an affect condition during which the lady is capable of everything.

In number of affective acts, and it is direct, thirst of a revenge comes. The same дофамин during revenge jumps out much more feasibly. Quite often arising similar conditions can cause accustoming as a result of what he starts to aspire to a revenge, prosecution and ruthlessness in the person.

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