How to keep affairs after change?

How to keep affairs after change?

Christmas vacation often becomes critical for pairs in what ripened the conflict. You caught the spouse on change and decided to keep a family, but at all do not represent, how it to make? I wish will help to understand.

Sounds on the 1st look illogically, but for this purpose to forgive it change and to begin the latest joint life with the beloved, you should exchange absolutely. Specifically you, not it! Remember a known saying: leave not to the mistress, and from the spouse. The change fact only proves that your man stopped to create in you the lady and, most likely, stopped to respect you as the person.

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Let’s not say at present that, from your point of view, it is concrete you after change stopped it to respect and create in it the man. Let’s have a talk what to do, to keep a family, to return respect and to return love.

Rule 1st: forget about change. Under no circumstances do not remind of it the spouse and, on ability, try not to remember.

Rule 2nd: become the faultless, independent lady. Look for itself, find time for the hobbies, girlfriends and friends. It does not mean that the man needs to be pushed away and kept at arm’s length. Well and to adhere it to for itself, to look after each its step (and after change at you such desire completely can seem) it is not necessary. Try to become the faultless lady to itself, and you will see, how in its eyes the enthusiasm and desire will be lit.

Rule third: smile. The man needs invariable encouragement. And the female grin subconsciously affects the stronger sex as a sign of approval of its actions (even when you smile simply so).

Rule 4th: do not load it trifles. Men adore to solve global problems, but to dig in trifles for them – the worst punishment. So to complain that to you in a minibus attacked a foot it is not necessary, not that scale. Invariable complaints will cause absolutely precisely irritation.

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