Psychologists told how to endure change

Psychologists told how to endure change

By all means, to appear the deceived loved person very hard, and to endure an adultery, having kept at all this affairs, very hard. But nevertheless to make it it is possible. Psychologists from England found operating methods to lower pain from change.

In – 1-x, it is necessary to take a step back and to help itself: the dream, a healthy food, physical activity – all this will help to raise level эндорфинов (a pleasure hormone) and somehow to smooth pain from blow.

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In – 2-x, it is necessary to take a time-out in the relations. For this purpose, to calm down, only 24-48 hours are necessary. Later this time the situation can be estimated soberly and to weigh all pros and cons. In – 3-x, under no circumstances it is impossible to go into details. The matter is that even small details are capable to recur to the memory over time and evenly to destroy affairs, even in case change managed to be worried.

In – 4-x, it is necessary to test to return trust, after all as it is clear, superfluous suspicions on a drop destroy affairs that eventually kills love. Eventually, it is necessary to forgive and an izmenshchik, and if the decision to keep affairs is made. Ability not ворачиваться in a past to accept a situation and to forgive offense – the unique method to live happily in the relations.

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