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answers For honesty of young men testosterone

Level in an organism of the man of a hormone of testosterone influences honesty degree – scientists not so long ago found. For the reference, testosterone is a man’s hormone which influences libido level, formation of genitals, building of muscular weight, instead of including that leaves on temper own mark.

At all young men level of production of testosterone is at different level. And at brothers even it can differ printsipno as defining factor in this case is both genetics, and lifestyle.

Within public new research it was established that ordinary men – intriguers and liars – have quite small level of testosterone practically in 75 % of cases. People with the overestimated level of development of this hormone thus in соц games showed huge honesty and frankness – scientists note.

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Bio making communications between these 2 factors lie now far outside of scientific understanding. But that is curious – in certain last research works was established that testosterone in the person increases a rage, provokes risky behavior, also appropriates to the man quality, such as peacockery. Though honesty also decorates the man, with last properties they in similar communication does not consist. Such makary, this new research concludes once again that impact on behavioural reactions of the man of testosterone as as a whole on his behavior acts more than comprehensive.

In the general difficulty in work the role was perceived by 96 people. 48 from them at all this passed a healing course from a defect in testosterone organism. They rubbed often in skin special gel with the maintenance of this hormone. In behavioural games carried out by scientists it was established that examinees before use of gel were inclined to lie on the average for 20 %, than after procedure the next day when testosterone level in reality raised.

48 more patients at all this had the same difficulties with health, but they used gel плацебо. In this subgroup in an extent of the period of research tendency to lies did not change also, and level of testosterone remained the same in blood.

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