Where to put useless gifts from under a fir-tree?

Where to put useless gifts from under a fir-tree?

As it not regrettably sounds, but many of us probably received on New Year’s holidays gifts as necessary, and what are completely inutile and will become dusty on regiments or to take a place on a balcony.

Where to put these useless gifts from under a fir-tree?

In – 1-x, передарить. Yes, and many of us got used to be engaged in it. The cosmetics and spirits leave in hands of mothers, grandmothers or sisters, toys – to nephews, and ware – or in granaries to festive option, or here after New year передаривается for Christmas to friends and employees. And this very correct decision – and means excessive are not spent, both the gift does not jump out, and the donator it seems as pleased. Therefore buy a fine box or do it by the hands (you should take a hand somehow in gift creation), supplement it with a charming card, put in it a gift and with nezapyatanny conscience please the loved one.

To give as a bribe or gratitude. This option too quite often too selects our means and saves up time on any references, turns and study. Therefore from under a fir-tree doktor, teachers, workers of ZhEKA, civil servants will be glad to useless gifts. Keep in mind that a look at these gifts and packing should be ought to a case.

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To offer. Who will be always glad to any fintiflyushka, new things, cosmetics, toys, clothes etc. so it is kids needing it, ladies and even bums on streets. It is possible to carry solid things in church, and there will precisely find, a coma them to give.

To change on krossing-actions. Soon began to arrange stylishly any krossing-parties on which people exchange useless clothes, books, a suvenirka. Here it is possible to change, as much as necessary. Usually, other guests come with the same useless gifts where find new owners to the dresses or albums with a photo.

To carry in a pawnshop. And if to you has the luck to receive more or less expensive gift, but you already have that and it suits you, carry a gift in a pawnshop and receive for it means. This option not simply eliminates you from need of a peredarivaniye or contemplation, for example, the third mini-TV in a room, and besides forces to feel the financial help at first years.

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