In marriage of the lady get fat, and men – grow thin

In marriage of the lady get fat, and men - grow thin

Joint accommodation of the lady and the man affects their weight, English dieticians say. So, in marriage of the lady are inclined to a set of excessive kgs, and men, on the contrary, lose weight more often.

In research participated 1300 ladies and young men.

In the course of experience not essentially what 3rd inhabitant of Britain admitted that after the life beginning with the man started to eat more. And every 3rd Englishman noted that house life limited his food allowance a little. Many men complain that they had to be switched to "female" food – salads and yogurts.

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Dieticians say that pairs which prepare houses, quite often do not pay attention that at young men and I will give various needs for food and its quantity. They quite often divide food into portions of the similar sizes which for the stronger sex can be malekhanky, and for ladies, on the contrary, лишне bolshenny.

Not including that, it is necessary to consider distinctions at representatives of the weak and stronger sex in requirements in vitamins. So, for example, ladies need less vitamins of group B, than to men.

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