Devices destroy sexy life

Devices destroy sexy life

Introduction of tablets, laptops and phones before going to bed or specifically in a bed not only only will confiscate precious time of your dream, well and harms your sexy life.

Such statement was placed on one English website which carried out online poll in the middle of 2000 adults.

Nearly 15 % of respondents admitted that began to have sex even less often because of habits посиживать in a web before going to bed. A half of respondents twisted that, having appropriated for a blanket, they spend about one and a half hours in front of the laptop, the tablet personal computer and phone, removing zasypaniye time. If 10 years ago their dream on the average began at 22.30, at present they should lay down about midnight.

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About 25 % of respondents say that look through Internet pages in a bed while 15 % look telecasts on laptops or "посиживают" on pills before going to bed. As to respondents of more old age, they prefer to read the book before going to bed.

The South American company TeleNav not so long since carried out similar poll which showed that every 3rd owner of phone argues that would prefer to do without sex, than to remain without own phone within a week.

Not including that, specialists of the research center at Rensselaer’s Polytechnical institute found that screen illumination at tablets and iPad can lead and absolutely to sleeplessness because this light suppresses melatonin synthesis – a hormone regulating day rhythms.


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