Strong mans shoulder: dream or reality?

Strong mans shoulder: dream or reality?

That a sin to conceal? All strong ladies (and another presently it is impossible to be simple) dream of a strong shoulder – the man, which (voluntary!) will assume though a part of actual cargo. The main issues at though what of us: and whether there are such men voobshchy and where them to take?

Everesta of reality

As sadly it would not sound, but by near consideration of male individuals it appears: even the most successful in career, aggressive, charismatic, pumped up in gyms and earned solid funds for a light standard of the 2nd half of the strong lady in any way do not pull.

For it is enough them to reach only a home threshold, to throw in a corner a case and to remove a business suit as they will be transformed to the ordinary man whom, as well as it is necessary, it is dissatisfied with everything: the administration, a dollar course, traffic jams, slush on that party of a window, and the most important – own lady. She is in time nothing and looks terribly! That trifle that you too only from work also got tired as бобик in attention will not be accepted! Never!

The Himalayas patience

The unique method for the strong lady to make at own man harizmatichnost illusion – invariable trills about his irresistibility, mind, pragmatism and charm. And the these will sound from your lips more often a slavosloviya, the more willingly the man will begin them to believe and that is inexpressible, but the fact to become a searched prototype.

Remember, how courageous Skartlett O’Hara from "Gone with the Wind" was indignant: well, why, that the man married, to the maiden by all means pretend to be the round little fool? And therefore, the wisest nurse explained to it, they fear clever ladies. Listened to manuals, the green-eyed beauty so dexterously flattered the gentlemen that not once went under a wreath.

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Difficulties of masking

Yes, it is natural, to pretend to be the least successful which not so has not been adapted for life by the blonde, – occupation difficult. But in each of us there lives rather stately actress. So why not guide these possibilities for itself in the benefit? Under a condition, it is natural, if you see in the man nearby good potential for a molding of the macho with which it is not shameful also to girlfriends to seem.

Therefore it is not necessary to advertize the career successes to the brand new gentleman, to say with it about gross domestic product and courses in the raw markets.

My employee Katya, without owning the Hollywood exterior and a faultless figure, it is always surrounded with the sea of the admirers ready for the sake of it and to hypermarket to go.

«Yes, дурачины all of them, – she laughs in a circle of girlfriends. – But look at it so, – as though it – unique from young men who shook you in a bed. All another – inventions of writers».

Pigmalion for itself

It is exclusive in legends of Old Greece of Pigmalion stuck together for itself gentle Galatea and inhaled in it soul. In life everything is perfect opposite: wish nearby the strong man – bring up it from an improvised material. Another on this planetka precisely did not deliver!

We bring up the macho

Almost in all the selfish psychology of our young men is formed … by parent love. From where to undertake the macho if till 30 years mummy rushes round the sonny as presidential protection, drags bags, prepares only itself and does not allow the child to wash socks?

If you wish, that your small sonny, growing up, was transformed to the real man, train it to respect ladies at least therefore that the nature made us more weak and vulnerable.

Outlook of the happy lady

Detektivshchitsa and happy mother of family Tatyana Ustinova says: «I very respectfully treat men indeed I consider that to them is even more hard, than to us».

Small council

«In the real man the child who wishes to play» is covered, – Friedrich Nietzsche said. Here let your man also will play in the strong personality.

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