Men and ladies: top of 8 physiological distinctions

Men and ladies: top of 8 physiological distinctions

Men and ladies – two worlds, two Universes. In total at us various. Even health. At young men it is not stronger and is not more awful, another is simple. So in what after all nevertheless differences?

– Your father it is necessary me simply mocks, – said to me mother when the father exchanged the 6th ten. – Includes a TV set so loudly that walls shiver! I ask to make more silent – says, to it it is not audible …

– I am afraid, he does not mock, – I sighed, – it begins age relative deafness.

– Oh and cease, – mother waved away. – We are age-mates, and I hear everything.

– So it is discrepancy specifically the young man, – I said. – There are scientific data …

Father’s visit to the doctor confirmed my words, and I reflected. After all as quite often specifically such household, apparently, trifles lead up to scandal and even disintegration of the relations. And how essentially to distinguish, повинет bad temper or health brings …

For some reason or other man’s health associates only with an erection, and old age coming – with its not functionality more often. But after all work and other more basic bodies and systems of a man’s organism is in the course of time broken. What it is concrete? Let’s understand.


About 26 million adult times a year lose hearing because of noise. In the course of time we voobshchy hear more awfully as sensitive voloskovy cells of an internal ear becomes less. First we lose ability to distinguish the highest sounds, in other words voices of ladies and kids first abate.

At all this for young men at first. They for 10-20 years before ladies start to hear more awfully.

Almost in all this profession costs (blasters, drivers), also tendency loudly to include music. Certain specialists try to track communication between operation of the hearing aid and level of man’s sexual hormones but while in this area the 1st standing discovery it is not made. And here negative impact of noise is confirmed – and not only only on the hearing aid, well and for work of cardiovascular system.

Fact: perfectly periodically to arrange minutes of silence in shumopogloshchayushchy earphones. It is worth to remember about visits to the otolaryngologist: periodically deterioration of hearing is connected with formation of a sulfuric stopper in the heart of an ear. By the way, at I will give the chance to similar difficulty below for 21 %.

Beer tummy

Beer here at anything. Dense fat is stored in a waist because of a man’s hormonal background, and is more exact, the general ratio of hormones in a man’s organism. At ladies the similar effect can seem after a menopause. Men gather fat not

under skin, as ladies, and снутри abdominal cavity, boundaries internal. And it where is more dangerous, because there is a risk of obesity of heart and vessels feeding it. The beer tummy increases risk of development of a disease of Altsgeymer – brain activity is broken by the highest pressure, the overestimated level of sugar and cholesterol at stout persons.

Fact: it is necessary to worry, if the volume of a man’s waist steals up to 100 see. For fight against a beer tummy till this moment there is nothing more effectively, than is less and to move more.


The reddish inflamed vessels on a face because of which the nose and cheeks seem filled out, arise at young men less often, than at ladies. But more often cause burdenings. In the middle of the last in particular it is visible ринофима – nose transformation in reddish become swollen "potatoes". Usually, розацеа arises at people with light and sensitive skin at the age of about 30-50 years more often.

Fact: men usually slight protection of skin against a frost, a wind and the sun. And it is vain. Concretely it is one of events розацеа. If skin became suspiciously reddish, it is better to pass from shaving by edges to the electrorazor, it injures less. And by all means to use means before shaving.


It is a scourge specifically the young man, more often middle age. Ladies have a gout if is shown, after a menopause when the hormonal background becomes closer to the man’s. It strikes joints, for example a joint of a huge toe, from where and the title ("gout" in Greek – "a foot trap") went. There salts of uric acid which appears as a result of digestion of proteins are postponed. As unscrupulously what salt is small кристаллики, having appeared between stones in a joint, they ruthlessly rub. There is this discrepancy at young men therefore that they often prefer to water beer. And after all ordinary water (1,5-2 l a day) removes uric acid from an organism. Alcohol contains molybdenum which accelerates formation of acid.

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Fact: provoke gout and foot overloads. For example, the person it is long carries awkward rather narrow footwear and at all this costs much. Overcooling too can impulse such inflammation, not without reason the first toes suffer – they all from hot heart indeed freeze further more quickly. Vobshchem, doktor consider guilty in gout and metabolic disorders, hormonal fluctuations because of which the amount of articulate water is miniaturized.


It pursues young men more often. He traps ladies after a menopause, before they are protected by an estrogen. The men deprived of that reliable defender, worsen situation by sick habits – smoking, alcohol, fast food. In vessels plaques are formed, the gleam is narrowed, a food and a tone of vascular walls are broken, they become fragile. Blood hardly moves ahead on the narrowed and fragile vessels, and it means that bodies and fabrics receive less the portion of oxygen and a food. By the way, specifically for this reason erektilny function goes down.

Fact: certain men in the course of time become intolerable – suspicious, persistent, and even brutal, grumble. Almost in everything повинет a sclerosis of vessels of the head. Because of it the brain chokes without oxygen that here is reflected in behavior. Healing courses (vitamins, antioxidants and, naturally, a diet) which are appointed by the neuropathologist or the therapist, usually, give relief.


Certain заместо greenish and reddish color contemplate colors of the yellowish grayish with impurity. Daltonism – a hereditary illness. And it is transferred to men more often, than to ladies.

Therefore do not take offense at the spouse if he stubborn does not realize a difference of boundaries pistachio and color khaki. But pigeons quite often looks for young men more visible, than for ladies.

Fact: in the zone of a bark of a brain which is responsible for sight, at young men for 25 % more nervous cages, than at ladies. But they work absolutely differently. Men notice small details and promptly moving objects better, and ladies contemplate a subject as a whole and aspects of color flowers. Scientists consider that this inheritance of cave times when the male hunter should create a game and let’s itself wound, and the female hostess, having received from the spouse production, to cook from this whole nourishing food.


It would seem, purely female age discrepancy when because of the general falling of level of an estrogen of a bone lose calcium and become fragile. Meanwhile young men have a similar process. The main man’s hormone, testosterone, achieves development peak in 18-25 years, and after 30-40 slowly starts to go down. On the average for 1-2 % a year. And testosterone, between another, not including erections, answers besides for a fortress of bones and a muscle.

Fact: it is established that bones lose calcium also because of smoking, the alcohol, all aerated drinks, troubles with a gastroenteric path, also because of motionless lifestyle. DS

Short wind, perspiration, weakness, sleeplessness, memory violations, mood differences

All these symptoms андропаузы which after all overtakes young men when testosterone level goes down. As well as ladies in a menopause, young men the inflow, the become frequent urination (and it is unessential it is connected with prostate increase, completely can be that can overcome matter in dryness of mucous membranes), difficulties with a heart.

Without considering atherosclerosis coronary heart disease, sweet diabetes can develop, for example, …

Fact: the modern medicine considers what to bear any opposite manifestations андропаузы (as well as menopauses) absolutely to anything. If there are no contra-indications, there is a sense to reflect on hormonal replaceable therapy. This one of the most powerful and, perhaps, the most studied directions of modern world anti-age medicine. But it is possible to go and other method. Fitness, walks with children, football – though what increase of loading only is welcomed, as continuous physical exercises without considering all recognizable prizes for health besides increase production of testosterone, at all this at any age.

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