House conflict: how to reconcile with the spouse?

House conflict: how to reconcile with the spouse?

Everyone can swear, and here with reconciliation many have questions. Why? Yes therefore that at the moment of quarrel everyone becomes isolated in itself(himself) and ceases to hear the workmate. To return in a family the world, try to overcome the offense and to listen to the beloved.

For a start to both parties perfectly to take a time-out. Tests to reconcile to a meeting after quarrel in the majority of pairs come to the end with the newest wave of scandal. During time small respites (it is dependent on character of spouses, it can proceed from half an hour till several o’clock) try to put itself to the place of your half. Have a look at itself from outside. Try to realize the workmate. Remember something not bad that you connects.

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When are reconciled, do not penetrate into essence of the conflict again not to appear on initial positions. You can deal with a controversial question after reconcile and agree to discuss everything it is weakened and it is constructive. And at the moment of reconciliation concentrate specifically on finding the lost community. Under no circumstances do not reproach the wife with superfluous quick temper or dullness. Say only about for itself and about own emotions: «To me it is heavy, I wish to reconcile» or «I any more do not wish to quarrel!». Your 1st problem consists in that the spouse had a desire to you to join, protect you and to calm.

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