Top of 10 rules of happy marriage

Top of 10 rules of happy marriage

These councils will be necessary for all married ladies. Following them, you not once with pride and happiness will think that made a true act, having married the one who is nearby.

Do not try to change it

Many maidens, having married, try to change habits and difficult temper of husbands. All this usually comes to the end is pitiable – quarrels, changes, never-ending depressions. You contemplated the man till a marriage, understood that with all this its luggage you should live further so at present to wave a hand it is not necessary. Change better than, the relation to its defects.

Find compromises

By the first to be reconciled after quarrels, and it is even better – not to bring matters to scandals – here pluses of the wisest lady. Make a compromise, concede, and if can and wish, very unostentatiously decline the man to own point of view.

Forget about phrases «About what you at present you think?» and «You love me?»

Specifically they force young men to worry, be angry and enter into a stupor. Naturally, he loves you, on another, why it with you? And about on what he reflects, do not climb to it in soul. If he counts necessary, he by all means will say about own ideas.

Do not show temper and do not take offense

Many maidens adore покапризничать, поообижаться, to inflate sponges at some o’clock or even days. Such behavior to men наскучивает is very prompt, scandals follow or he voobshchy prefers to leave the house. Have a look at itself from outside: to you invariable cavils and obidka of the spouse would attract? Naturally, no, as also to it.

Fulfill married duties

Never refuse to the spouse sex, forget about those excuses with which ladies got used to operate. Intim is always pleasure therefore never refuse for itself receiving эндорфинов!

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Do not show jealousy

The man, as well as at you, should have the personal place. Release it on meetings with friends, do not inspect phone and имейлы. Do not arrange jealousy scenes even if снутри the volcano rages. Give it chance to do that he wishes, and arrive precisely also.

Supervise emotions

Learn to restrain during the conflicts, supervise the words, emotions, gestures and acts. On another it is possible to tell to the person a lot of excessive, to knock it and to break off clothes. It will be shameful for it so for what to compromise later?

Keep girlfriends at arm’s length

Perfectly, if you have girlfriends with whom it is possible to share both sorrows and pleasures. But it is not necessary to tell them all cherished secrets of your house life. Quite often this information is used against girlfriends, friends withdraw spouses or they become mistresses of close people. So do not devote anybody in потаенны own house life, and your elect by all means will estimate it.

Say to the spouse I "love" more often

As it is possible repeat the spouse as very much you love it more often and appreciate that will be near it in the mountain and pleasure, as well as promised. Always appreciate his care both excellent acts, and do it surprises.

Be itself

Perfectly, if the lady appreciates looks of the spouse, respects him interests, consults, helps. Men always notice it, fairly clever arrive as in relation to the ladies. But at the same time remain itself, state it the outlook if it is necessary – insist on own looks. Do not throw those hobbies which you had till a marriage, go in for sports, that the beloved did not lose to you enthusiasm.

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