Lunar calendar of love and conception for April 2013

Lunar calendar of love and conception for April 2013

«To marry, make a family, to accept all born kids, to keep them in this unbalanced world and even to lead forward is, on my belief, the most bolshushchy benefit which is given to the person».

Franz Kafka

Very usual truth, but how many in it depth and wisdom would seem. The most part from us will confirm: a family, the loved person, ancestors, kids are that induces us, supports, forces to rise to the feet after 1 more falling.

Despite of all sincerity and depth of emotions, from time to time there are quarrels even between the dearest people, there are stains, the conflicts and scandals. The phenomenon, but bolshushchy impact on affairs are rendered by the Moon and when planning basic actual events as that the marriage, the 1st romantic appointment, conception – its situation to consider very essentially. To keep a sunny weather in the house and harmony in the relations to you the lunar calendar of love will help.

1.04-cooperative leisure with the loved person in a warm house situation will give you new positive emotions, and romantic continuation of evening will make this day unforgettable;

2.04-show wisdom and understanding in relation to native, do not state the indignation and discontent. Remember, tolerance – guarantee of harmony at you at home;

3.04-it is better to spend this day alone with itself, to return the emotional and physical condition. Rest and meditation will promote to find internal balance;

4.04-communicate with the loved person, children more. Organize active house leisure, go to bowling, on a skating rink, rollerdry. The power of day promotes intimate proximity;

5.04-privacy and passivity period. Not the best day of manifestation of emotions, beginnings of the relations, engagements, marriages, conceptions;

6.04-remember, joint business connects воединыжды, find this evening the general occupation which will be on temper to you and your partner. Do not fear to show care of own relatives;

7.04-faultless day for manifestation of own romantic emotions, declarations of love, engagements, carrying out house leisure, creation of house comfort;

8.04-not the best day to start the new relations, marriages, intimate proximity;

9.04-give preference to house rest alone with itself, it will help to return a little forces, which in an organism actually on the end;

10.04-think only of the quite good. All happy thoughts sent by you to the Universe, will be shortly realized. Quite good day for conception, the child will be stored the Sky and the Guardian angel;

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11.04-not the best day for a marriage, the beginnings of the new romantic relations;

12.04-the period when it is very thin works subconsciousness and can give the help to you real and incorrect friends. For this purpose you should close eyes, to think over one certain person if internal feelings at all this pleasant and positive – the relation of this person to you sincere if there are any bad feelings, is better to be released from communication with it. It is recommended to spend more time in a privacy;

13.04-beautiful day for a romantic dinner at candles and intimate proximity, and here for conception not the best time. It is not recommended to make out business officially;

14.04-whether spend day in the bosom of the family with the loved person, communicate, engaged in joint creativity, visit fascinating cultural action. Remember, essentially not only only to listen, well and to hear your closest people.

15.04-cool day for a declaration of love, engagements, romantic walk under the star sky and warm conversation with the loved person;

16.04-create house comfort, show guardianship and care of relatives, not запамятовывайте to say about own emotions native, now they need it more than ever;

17.04-retire for this day, try not to be sprayed on meaningless discussions with foreign people. It is not recommended to begin new affairs, to marry;

18.04-suitable influence will render spiritual and sincere communication with the native person, admit own emotions but only if they go from heart. Adverse day for conception, engagements and weddings;

19.04-spend this day with the children if you still as though do not have them, present a little own heat to children from orphanages. Beautiful day for conception of the kid;

20.04-it is possible to issue the affairs, but it is exclusive in case you is sincere in own emotions, and here for celebration of so basic act not the best day. The power of lunar days promotes the overestimated sex appeal, it is not necessary to constrain it, show the feelings and emotions;

21.04-now of you the shyness, modesty and shyness therefore it is better to postpone a romantic meeting for other day can take control. If you the house person, spend evening of the house with native, organize the general leisure;

22.04-amaze the loved person with something that is made by your hands, and the inspiration by all means will help you with it. By all means call the parents or make by it a pleasant surprise the sudden visit;

23.04-for engagement, romantic evening, the beginning of the new relations, conception, and here it is not necessary to get married magic day;

24.04-devote this day for itself, to own spiritual condition, have more a rest and meditate. Refrain from active communication with a return floor, categorically it is not recommended to marry, begin new affairs;

25.04-be open, show care and guardianship of beloved. In the evening have in common a look the romantic comedy. It is not better to begin new affairs, to enter intimate proximity;

26.04-now, absolutely precisely, the rough romantic period which promotes sincere expression of own emotions, manifestation of feelings. Be open to the new relations, be not confused to remind of love to the native person. One of the best days for engagement, intimate proximity, conception;

27.04-it is recommended to be the observer, not to show excessive activity and enthusiasm to a return floor, devote this evening for itself in the company with the loved book or the film;

28.04-very adverse period for the romantic relations and meetings, conception and design of the relations;

29.04-the period of rest and restoration of forces, minimize communication with a return floor;

30.04-there is a possibility of emergence of quarrels, arrogance emergence therefore it is recommended to be tactful in conversation with native and in every possible way to keep control of the emotions.

Founder: Ira Kirichenko, astronomer

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