How social networks influence family affairs?

How social networks influence family affairs?

Without social networks the most part from us any more does not think of own life. But for the family relations the Facebook, the Twitter and other resources, force, quicker, destructive, than creative. The published statistics testifies to it.

Every 3rd divorce in the world occurs because of social networks. Lack of all barriers and a wide choice of partners for communication in social networks leads to splash in desires. The number of changes, from the moment of emergence of that concept as a social network, grew up three times. The number of the intra family conflicts grew up also, after all 80 % of people are inclined to trust more to online friends, instead of spouses and spouses.

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Social networks and will badly affect affairs between children and parents. On the average, kids start to use without the aid of others social networks from 10 years. Evenly time spent by the child to a networks grows. Finally, 20 % of teenagers are capable there is an online 21 hour in day, using Wi-Fi and any other available methods. 80 % of parents are convinced that know, than their children are engaged in the Web, but at kids other outlook – 31 % of kids are convinced that their ancestors do not guess at all that they do in a network. 69 % of parents include own kids in friends in social networks, and here kids reciprocate and френдят own протцов only in 32 % of cases. Most awful that 90 % of teenagers with trust belong to councils of age-mates on websites, and, at first, address for council to them, instead of to parents.

Not including the rest, excessive enthusiasm for electric communication leads to immunity fall, cardiovascular diseases and spiritual disharmony. Small mobility and often empty thought processes (processing dullish and useless инфы) promote development of diseases
endocrine system.

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