Council of day: do not leave relatives

Council of day: do not leave relatives

Inhabitant of Kiev Dasha Volga debuted in «The Petersburg secrets» after that there were more many films and TV series. To keep balance between work and career to the actress from time to time it was heavy. After all they with the spouse and the descendant lived in the Latest Zealand, and shootings took place in Moscow.

Darya had to throw a family, at first for 8 months for shootings in a TV series "Tatiana Day", later – for few years, because of other projects. She sang to the child lullabies on Skype and desperately missed a family.

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«These separations provoked crisis in our relations. And we made the decision on ability not to leave – in common to travel, in common to live. Therefore, when to Andrey (spouse) suggested to assume expansion of business of its company in Eastern Europe, it to a meeting elected Ukraine, Kiev. It is Russia!. Now povsevremenno nearby my beloved – with them everything will turn out. I know!»

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